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Teds Woodworking Review

An Honest Customer Opinion

Teds Woodworking Review

Are you here to see if the 16,000 woodworking plans are the real deal too?
Hey, My name is Joseph Zain and I decided to write this review after purchasing Teds woodworking Plans…
I gotta be honest, this course was very attractive to me as Im a guy that loves DIY home woodworking.
Whether its putting up a new set of drawers or crafting a new set of tables and chairs, you name it, I've done it all.
When I heard that you get 16,000 free Teds Woodworking Review Honest Customer Opinion, the decision was a no brainer.
Although, that did open up a few question marks when I heard about the amount that was on offer. Reason being, is that 16000 plans is a heap of an amount in comparison to the price you pay for the course.
So I decided to check out some reviews on the product to see what others in the community were saying.
Boy oh boy was this an interesting experience!
I saw it all, from people calling the course a scam, to others saying that the plans were stolen.
Almost everything under the sun was called at Ted, and the company behind the product which was a real put off for me at first.
But, I needed to see it for myself and with the product being reasonably cheap, I thought that if I try it myself, I'd then be able to give an accurate review of what it has to offer.
So I decided to go ahead and purchase the course with the plans, and today I'm going to share everything about my experience with this course from start to finish.
That way you'll be able to make an easy decision on whether this sounds like something you'd want to give a try.


Whilst there might be a lot of noise in the industry, the only way to know the truth is to test it out for yourself. Everyone has different experiences because of many different reasons.

How I Discovered Teds Woodworking

Just like many of us in the industry you would know that its super hard to find plans that cover everything you want to make all in one.

And due to me being a little experienced I wanted to get hold of some more plans to try some new projects whenever I had some spare time to mess with.

I first came across the course when I was watching a youtube video on creating a set of bedroom drawers.

The guy in the video suggested that it was worth taking a look at because of all the plans you get for the money.

So I did just that and clicked through the link in the box below to be taken over to the product.

Screen Shot 2019 09 17 at 11.09.26 n

The sales page looked pretty nice and welcoming with lots of images and a nice video that explained what the course includes. 

It touched on a few points that went through not having to hire a professional and being able to make almost anything you want with step by step help.

As I already knew I was going to buy it anyway, I decided to skip through the rest and go ahead to check out the rest of the page.

A key thing that stood out to me right away was the fact that the video was created with a robotic-like voice that wasn't a real person.

It was more of a text to voice kind of thing that said he was Ted McGrath and would be teaching you DIY.

Whilst the page looked pretty good I was hugely turned off by the lack of effort that was put into the video.

But then again I couldn't really judge the program until I got a hold of the information inside to see if it helped me.

As you scroll down the page there are a few bullets on the benefits of taking the course which is then followed up with information on exactly what you get inside.

To be honest I was a little skeptical about the fake video voice and the proclaimed 16,000 plans.

Even though it wasn't going to hurt the pockets, I wanted to know more about who this guy actually was.

I mean, if you created something that truly could help thousands of woodworkers around the globe, would you put yourself 100% behind it?

I would, but I needed to know why Ted wouldn't!

How I Discovered Teds Woodworking

The cold hard truth is that I honestly do not believe that Ted exists. I know you're probably thinking...

Wait for what?

That's right! I don't even think that this is a real person behind the course.

Instead, I believe that it's a bunch of professionals that created this character to use in order to sell the product.

When you do an image check on the photograph used for Ted, it returns a stock image that can be purchased and used on the internet.

It didn't stop there too. There were also a few promises that are made by Ted that weren't kept true which I'll get onto in a moment.

To put things straight, Ted is someone I, unfortunately, can tell you nothing about because of the computer-generated image that doesn't seem to have a history on planet earth!

The Process of Purchasing This Product

After checking out the sales page and doing some research, I decided to pull the trigger and purchase the course.

The sales process is relatively simple and smooth and once you click to buy you're taken over to a website called Clickbank, which is a pretty good sales checkout company that I've used a few times before.

On the checkout page, you'll be faced with the option of paying with PayPal (which I used) or putting your card details straight which I believe is safe with Clickbank too.


I almost backed out from the purchase last minute and attempted to exit from the checkout page. When you do that you are presented with a $20 discount that will reduce the price of the final cost for the course.

After I paid and checked out, I was then taken through to a series of pages that presented multiple offers to me.

There are 3 offers in total that are all priced between 30 to $50 that is claimed to be one time offers only.

Essentially this means that you should never see them again if you don't take them up in the one time.

The usual marketing stuff!

But I never chose to take that up as in most cases you'll find that they will advertise this stiff to you again in an email of some sort.

To give you a quick idea as to what you'll get inside of the upsells, here's a few bullets:

Upsell 1

“VIP Deluxe EditionPackage”


  • Ultimate Woodworker Reference - Tons of woodworking guides
  • Building software for 3d drawing
  • 219 shed plans
  • 10 Designer Plans with CAD Drawings

That's the first offer and then here's the other 2 that they pitch:

Upsell 2

“Handy Dad Project Collection” 


  • The Big Book of 700 Boys Projects
  • Three Houses and Playhouses
  • Build Your Own: Sheds, Cars, Go Karts, Bikes & Scooters
  • The Big Book Of Science Projects
  • DIY Home Repair

Thats the second one and the third includes:

Upsell 3

“The Ultimate Woodworking Compendium” 


  • All of the above in other 2 upsells
  • 147 books (25,000 pages) on tools and information to improve your woodworking

These all sound like some great offers, especially when writing about them after not taking it up.

And I wouldn't be surprised if they actually are useful too, but I know that if I decided to change my mind then I could easily get in contact and get a hold of them.

Simple stuff!

What Plans do You Get Inside?

I'd be lying if I said that there isn't a ton of information inside of this as there is A LOT! of information that you get inside.

And that's not to say that I never found the information useful or good, as a lot of it was.

The plans included teach you how to build toys like rocking horses, functional items such as a chest of drawers, tables and even beds too.

There's even a few things on plant boxes, outdoor furniture and gazebos.

pasted image 0

All great information!

But there's a catch. I found after searching online that a lot of this information is FREE,

that's right and the rest that isn't available free online is plans that have been sold by other woodworking companies online.

That's not to say that the whole thing is completely built up in lies and stolen goods.

But there is a whole lot of it that has been ripped from other vendors.

You'll also get a ton of digital files that are what I most enjoyed for visualising the end product that I aimed to build.

I have to give credit where it's due and everything seemed to be laid out pretty well with step by step instructions as advertised too.

And I did test out making a set of benches for the yard that turned out pretty nice for my first attempt.

Here's a picture of it:


A few things that I didn't know about this part was that:

  • There are no CD or DVD versions included as you have to pay extra for that (when it was advertised as that)
  • The product said that skill doesn't matter but not everything inside is built for the same level of skill

That may be me being picky but I'm here to give you my honest review.

A Few Concerns to Address

There's no doubt that a selection of the plans are available online. And whether or not they are legal to resell is another story.

I do believe that the offer still remains reasonable whilst containing this problem though.

And my reason for that is down to the fact that you could end up wasting a ton of time and energy looking for plans that you can get all in one with this course.

As far as I know the plans are legal according to clickbank as I did take the steps in contacting them regarding my concerns.

So ill take their word as final as they are an established large business that I have purchased multiple products from in the past.

But to be truthful, who really knows the truth? I bet Ted does!

Anyway, I also was a little concerned about whether all these plans actually work or not.

I mean the measurements seemed to make sense, one wrong turn can leave you screwed, literally!

The bench worked out fine for me, so going off that I can make an educated guess that the rest should be too.

Especially if they've been ripped from professional crafters.

A great point is that you wont need a professional setup to take on most of these projects as a lot of them are designed for you to craft with minimal equipment inside or outdoors too.

Makes sense though as the target audience for this course is beginners and small business owners.

Next I'll take you through exactly what I got in return for my cash and whether or not I think it's worth your investment too…

Teds Woodworking Members Area Overview

After paying you receive a receipt from Clickbank to congratulate you on buying the plans from Ted.

Shortly after you get another email that contains the details for you to access the lifetime membership area of Ted woodworking plans.

After logging in I was presented with a page that included a list of downloadable plans. Or you can pay and get the DVDs that were advertised as included (cough cough)

Anyway, the library was as big as h*ll, as the damn thing took up a whole 450mb on my mac.

I recommend that you put it on an external hard drive or something to avoid using up all the space on your pc.

Before I knew it, there was another flaw that I came across.

The 16k plans actually turned out to be around 10,000 which in the grand scheme of things is still a whole lot of plans but isn't what was told on the sales page.

Screen Shot 2019 09 17 at 14.09.49

I wasn't gonna be a daisy downer and let that affect my judgements, so I decided to keep an open mind and see what else it had to offer.

The upside is that if you do remain a member of the course, then you'll get a new set of plans or fresh content every few months.

I've been in around 3 months and I can vouch for this to be true, well the part that they get delivered anyway.

To sum it up quickly, the members area includes:

  • Woodworking Plans Library
  • CAD Drawing Software (included as a free bonus)
  • Downloadable Guides for specialized jobs
  • Video Library (included as a free bonus)

Ok, now the CAD software is great but you can get access to that kind of stuff online for free.

However the downloadable guides were pretty damn good.

Inside of that you get 150 PDF’s to help you with all the detailed/ advanced crafts such as edging, cutting bevelled strips, refinishing and curved joints.

On the front face you get a hell of a lot for what you pay.

pasted image 0 2

The video library isn’t short of information too, as inside of that you get 150 videos on building sheds, bird feeders, decks, drawers, home crafts and more.

But with all that said, do I really still think its a scam and a rip off or is it worth your investment?

Is Teds Woodworking Worth It?

In my opinion I would say that “for what you get, the investment is well worth it”.

Do I think this program is a scam or legit? I truly do not know but I do know that Clickbank is a legitimate.

I honestly think that the program is legit but I don't know whether or not they are legally ok to use free plans that are available elsewhere inside of their program.

Even if its legit, it's definitely not ethical to say the least.

I did a little digging and everyone else that has taken it seems to not know either, although I've seen a few woodworkers on Youtube that were super mad about the whole business model.

I can understand that too! As if you did all of the hard work in creating the plans and sharing them for free, then why the hell should another business come in and sell them at a cost.

As I said, its unethical.

Are the Bonuses Really Worth It?

As I mentioned earlier, the 4 bonuses that you get are:

  • DWG/CAD Plan Viewer Software
  • 150 Premium Woodworking Videos
  • How To Start A Woodworking Business Ebook
  • 150 PDF Download Guides

The software was cool, but the PDFs that you get do not come in dwg format so you can edit them and alter them to create new things.

Instead you can only use CAD to create new designs and the plans can be used as they are.

And there are a few products in the library that you can use as a template to play around with too.

The video library was a complete shock to me.

The audacity and the false advertisement was a complete joke!

I found a bunch of Youtube videos in this section that were all created by random woodworkers.

It is legitimate and licensed to be in there but to think that it's advertised as a bonus is just funny to me.

The Business woodworking Ebook was also just another product thrown in with no real thought put into it.

It has around 20 pages and contains a whole bunch of generic information that you probably already know or could easily access online.

Do You Get a Guarantee on the Purchase?

Its safe to say that your fully backed by a 60 day guarantee, and they do honour a no questions asked return policy too.

I'm a strong believer in what goes around comes around though,

so if the program comes with the plans as promised and gave me enough information to undertake some new project, then why would I return it?

I certainly won't be returning this myself as I have truly found the information useful.

I do think there could be some improvements (which ill list below) but nothing is perfect out the gates.

This is something that I look out for in every product and to be honest I don't buy unless I see it,
as you never know what can happen. Especially when buying a product that has such a high amount of controversial backlash.

Is the Customer Support Good?

You'll notice that Teds woodworking offers a 48 hour response rate on the sales page when purchasing. Although I didn't have any real issue myself,

I'm here to do a full review!

So, I put in a number of tickets to actually try and catch them out and to my surprise they came back every time with a helpful response in 48 hours.

Which means I can safely say that this product is not a scam as if it was then customer support wouldn't be getting back to you each and every time.

I think the word is abused these days and I would label things more as unethical than illegal if I had to tarnish a business with a tainted brush.


It's never a full review without a good old list of some pros and cons. With all the above mentioned,
I had to make sure that this post had a clear and concise list of all the things I thought was good and the things I didn't like so much too.
What do you want first, the good news or the bad news? Heck with it, let's go with the good.


  • Excellent customer support that does honour the promised response time of 48hrs
  • Plans were great: Although I only got 10,000 roughly, they were actually pretty darn good plans and more than adequate to complete the projects included
  • Useful guides that really helped me with improving curved edges
  • Video library was great ad packed with lots of useful information that was compiled in an easy to understand manner (although they were Youtube videos)
  • Non recurring membership fees as its just a one time cost
  • Fresh content does et updated every few months for you to check out and learn from


  • Program advertised with DVD’s but you gotta pay for them if you want them
  • Plans are available only in PDF format and do not sync with CAD
  • No search index for the plans which makes it hard to find what you need
  • Ted may not be a real person

There you have the pros and cons. I did not include certain things mentioned from above as its all speculation until proven to be true.
If you ask me I don't believe that Ted is a real guy but it's the same case with Frosties and Tony the Tiger.
Lots of companies do use fictional characters but in most case your clearly informed that the case is that way.
But to give you a clear idea on whether I think it's worth your cash, ill share my final verdict below.

Teds Woodworking Review – The Final Verdict

The program cost $67 with option of getting a $20 discount when you attempt to exit from the page. 

Inside of that you get a ton of videos, PDF’s and software to help you with woodworking as a beginner.

If you are a beginner and just getting started with woodworking then YES I recommend this course as a good place to start.

 But if you are more experienced and own a small business as the course claims to cater too, then I recommend you check out an alternative product.

Overall I would say the product is a great source of information for the price that your paying and because it's just a one of cost, it's a no brainer for the amount of plans you get.

You could find a portion of the stuff online, but in my experience when you try to bootstrap all the time, then end up wasting a lot of time and money.

I'd rather get a blueprint that helps me fast track the process and get straight to the stuff I need to see.

But hey! Maybe that's just me….

Teds Woodworking Alternative

Whilst I do think that Teds Woodworking is a great product to get started with.

Unfortunately there are a few drawbacks with the authenticity of this product, and for that reason Id like to share an alternative with you.

A great product that includes most of what you'll get here without all the extra doubt is click here.

This is not only great for beginners and intermediate level craftsmen. But it also has a real instructor and very ethical practises of how they create and share their plans.

I would encourage you to check it out if your on the fence about whether you should buy Teds working or not.


From reading this review you should gather a clear understanding as to whether this course is scam,
if it can help you and if ted is a real guy.

There's a lot of speculation and controversy around this product, so I decided to take things into my own hands and test i for myself.

In doing so I hope that I can help others make a savvy decision on getting started with woodworking,
so that you can become a better craftsmen in the comfort of your home.

After reading this, if you feel that you have any questions or queries regarding the program, then I'll be more than happy to help.

Just shoot me over a message on the contact page and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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