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Skil 3410-02 Table Saw with Folding Table Review

The table saw market has substantially grown in recent years, and Skil is a noteworthy contender to consider when making a purchase.

With a large number of approving reviews, the Skil 10-inch Table Saw with Folding Table is becoming a highly sought after product.

Skil’s philosophy is a straightforward one- power and performance in every tool.

Here we check out the Skil 10-inch Table Saw and hack down every feature and every part deciding if their product will work for you. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Table Saw

Motor Horsepower

This is the heart of the saw that determines the ability to cut a wide range of different materials and sizes without sacrificing quality.

Precision and Smooth Cutting

To ensure that your saw is able to make the most precise cuts, make sure to check the miter gauge and fence that comes with the table.

 Ensuring that the accessories are high quality makes it much that much easier to get the cuts you need.

 There are accessories that you can purchase, but you are able to skip that extra step if the table saw comes with a heavy duty miter gauge or fence.

Safety Features

Another important feature to pay attention to when purchasing a table saw is the safety features the system provides.

 Using a table saw can lead to serious injuries, but that is a mechanism put in place to minimize them.

Even though it may seem unnecessary but safety features like an anti-kickback mechanism can greatly reduce the chances of you getting seriously injured.

 you can check important table saw saftey

Construction Overview

Table saws have a wide range starting from a portable table saw to a sturdy industrial cabinet saw depending on the type of work you are trying to do.

Portable saws, like the Skil 10-inch Table Saw with Folding Table are the optimal choice for shops or homes with limited space. These tools can also be moved from place to place if needed.

 A table saw comes with a blade that sits in a fixed position. The user pushes the work material past the spinning blade to make crosscuts (against the grain) and rip cuts (with the grain).

The main components of the Skil 10-inch Table Saw with Folding Stand include the table top, the 10-inch blade, the foldable stand, the self-aligning rip fence, and the bevel angle system.

Features and Benefits of the Skil Saw

We have listed the basic components for this portable Skil saw system, but now let’s take a look at the nuts-and-bolts of this saw.

Features at a Glance:

  • 20-inch x 26-inch cast aluminum table
  • Extends to 20-inch x 32-inch
  • 3 ½ -inch cut height capacity
  • Heavy-duty portable Steel stand
  • Bevel system range: 0-47 degrees
  • Self-aligning Rip Fence
  • 2-pack
  • On tool storage
  • Guarding system
  • Miter gauge


The tabletop in this portable saw has a great extension feature that ranges from 20x26 inches to 20x32 inches for more versatile cutting. I wish this feature was available when I completed my project.

Having oversized materials on a work surface only leads to disaster. The extension on this table top adds more stability to the cutting material, also boosting the safety of this tool.

The table top is made from a heavy duty cast aluminum that flat to allow for more precise measuring. The table also includes a bevel system to allow for angled cuts, even on this small, portable saw.


The 10-inch blade has a 3 ½ inch cut height capacity, letting you work on a wide range of materials, with different widths. Even though 3 ½ inches may not seem like a lot, this is a great working range for this saw.

The saw also has a carbide-tooth blade which greatly extends the life of the blade. This prevents the blade from dulling quickly even while making both cross cuts and more aggressive rip cuts.


The portable folding stand on this tool is a great unique feature that makes this saw great for users that need to move the tool from room to room or even place to place.

The stand is made from a heavy-duty steel that allows for quick and efficient set up, but also superior stability.

The folding stand has a reliable locking mechanism that attaches the base of the main saw and motor component to the table.

There is no need to worry about vibrations or the safety of this tool, with its reliable locking clamps.

Motor and Base

The motor on the Skil 10-inch portable saw has a strong 15 amp strength, making it optimal for any type of cutting material. This is an extremely high motor power for a saw this size, making cute seem effortless.

The base of this saw is great for space saving as all the components are attached to this part of the saw.

If for any reason you do not have a use for the folding stand, there are pre-drilled holes in the base of the system that allows for bolting the saw to a workbench or a different stand.

This makes this tool extremely versatile to fit a range of different uses.

The base of this product also comes with storage for its accessories, allowing for easy cleanup.

There is no need to have a messy workplace when you are not using one of the accessories of the saw.

Another great added feature that also helps with the safety of operating this machine is the cord wrap that extends from the side of the table.

Even though this may seem unnecessary, the cord wrap lets you easily secure the extra cord while using saw to prevent any accidents.

It also helps with transporting the saw which is an important component of this portable saw.

 Skil truly has thought of all the different needs of woodworkers, reading detailed components to help in making cutting easier and more efficient.

Rip Fence and Miter Gauge

These are both added accessories that come with the system. The rip fence that accompanies this saw is self-aligning that can be easily removed or locked in place using its locking handle.

The self-alignment on the rip fence makes accurate cuts easier than ever. The straight edge stabilizes the cutting material allowing for straight rip cuts.

The miter gauge that comes with this saw is to assist with cross cutting material. The swivel head can be locked in the desired position to make the most accurate angled cuts.

Both accessory systems include the EZ view measuring system that allows for easy access to set the angle or distance of your desired position.

 These added features are truly an added advantage to the most precise cuts.

Most table saws I have used in the past have subpar accessories, but Skil has taken great detail in making these accessories most suitable for the user’s needs.

Extra Features

Some added factors that only add to the value of this saw include a quality guarding system, extra storage, and the fact that you not only get one saw with this affordable price, but two! A reliable safety system is a really important factor to help minimize injury.

This table has three different safeguard systems including the adjustable riving knife, anti-kickback mechanism, and barrier guard device to protect you as you use this product.

Riving knife moves with the blade as the height is adjusted to lower the risk of getting caught on the blade.

The anti-kickback mechanism makes sure that the material is not accidentally hurled in your direction.

This two-pack saw allows you to get a present for yourself and gift one to a friend, or honestly just to keep both for yourself.


Here we take a look at what other users had to say about the saw. After scouring the internet for everything from the good to the bad, here are some things other users expressed about the Skil 10-inch Table saw with Foldable Stand.

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When checking out the reviews, we find across-the board that this portable table saw provides a truly satisfactory table saw option.

Many users complement the table saw for the high quality of the components that make up the saw and the great value of the system.

The saw may not be suitable for all types of use, but if you are looking for a great portable and powerful option, many users highly recommend this product.


There may be some alternatives that you might like to compare with or consider while looking for a table saw. Here we list our top options that may be more suited to your needs.



Dewalt 10-Inch Portable Table Saw

Dewalt 10-Inch Portable Table Saw

The Dewalt 10-inch table saw is a pricier option that comes in at low price. Compared to the Skil saw that has two saws with higher price , this saw is a bit bigger, making it more suitable for users that cut bigger materials.

 Both systems have the same powered motor, but this saw comes with more detailed accessories. The rip fence and miter gauge have telescoping systems that make quick adjustments to the desired cut.

Dewalt Saw

  • More suitable for bigger materials
  • Higher quality accessories
  • Interchangeable battery with other Black+ Decker Products

Skil Saw

  • More portable with its smaller size
  • More affordable

If you are looking for a slight bigger and heavier-duty option, be sure to check this product out.

Skilsaw 10-inch Table Saw with Stand

The Skilsaw 10-inch table saw also comes with a higher price , but is a great investment for those that need an efficient and portable system. 

A great feature of this saw is the wheels, which make for even easier transportation. This saw also has great power with its Dual-Field Motor, best for rip cuts.

SkilSaw Worm Drive Table Saw

  • More expensive
  • More suitable for rip cuts with dual motor
  • Able to wheel around for easy transport

Skil Saw

  • Smaller and lighter for easy access
  • Suitable for cross cuts and rip cuts
  • Storage for other accessories

If you are looking for a tool to bring around for different types of projects, be sure to check this one out.

Metabo 10-Inch Table Saw

The Metabo Fold and Roll Stand saw is also a 10-inch table saw that comes in at a higher price than the 2-in 1 Skil Saw. 

The fold and roll system allows for easy storage and transportation, unlike the Skil saw that does not have wheels.

The is truly a user-friendly tool that comes with quality accessories such as a rip fence and miter gauge.

Metabo Saw

  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Telescoping table extension for larger materials
  • Slightly smaller cut capacity

Skil Saw

  • Easy storage for other accessories
  • Better value for money
  • More extensive protective systems

If you are looking to buy a user-friendly tool that you can move around with you from place to place, check this one out.


Table saws can often be heavy and take up a lot of space, but the portable Skil table saw can be your assistant in all your upcoming projects. There is no need to break your bank with this great 2 for 1 saw pack that does not sacrifice quality for great value.

You can also transport this portable saw with you from place to place without breaking your back. Most sturdy systems are hundreds of pounds, but this system is able to get the job done while still being small and compact.

This tool can be a great addition to yours and your lucky friend’s arsenal. Click (Skil10-inch Table Saw with Foldable Stand) to check this product out for yourself!

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