How To Make A Picture Frame – 20 Steps

Picture Frame


One of the most restrictive and expensive parts of capturing a special picture or photograph is the "picture frames".

Customizing the frame of the picture by yourself can uniquely personalize the décor of your house and create a device that is accurately suitable to picture inside of it.  121 Picture Framing Ideas

In order to construct a picture frame, you will need to set up a mat made of cardboard, four of the sides made of either metal or wood which will make the frame's outline,

also plexiglass or a glass will be used which will work as a shield for the picture from the front. 

Certain other elements of decorative nature can be used to personalize the frame in a remarkable way.you can check Picture Frame Ideas

Almost everyone has a few snaps or pictures, which they wish to hang.

You will be surprised to know that it is very easy to make frames for the photographs and pictures in any size you like.

  you can check Guide to Picture Frame Sizes Following are some steps that will help you understand how to make a picture frame:

Picture Frame

Step #1: The Creation of the Stock of the Photo Frame

This process can be done by milling the stock of the frame of the picture on a solid surface, for example, a router table. You can also use a handheld router,

 like that seen in the picture. I would personally suggest that you cut a bevel on the wider piece of stock, from both sides, put it on the table saw and break it in half. 

The base plate of your tool, on which the router will be assembled, will get more space if you will do the routing on the wider stock.

Remember that the rabbets shall be routed back in the back of the long casing stock to acknowledge your frame.

If a router table is being used, first the bevel will be cut on the front of the frame stock, and then rabbets will be cut on the fame stock's backside.

Step #2: Breaking the Frame Stock in Half

Picture Frame

The table saw will be used to break the workpiece in two. After that, the long workpieces

can be clamped down and the back of the frame stock can be routed with the rabbet.

Step #3: Cutting the First Miter:

Picture Frame

At this step, you will have 2 pieces of the long picture frame stock. From these 2, you will cut your final 4 pieces out.

You'll need 2 long sides measuring in at 11-7/8-in. Each, and 2 short sides measuring in at 9-7/8-in. Each. 

You shall begin by making first the miter which will be at the end of a piece of stock (no measurement is required for this).

Step #4: Cutting the Opposite Miter

Picture Frame

Now, screw in your stop square to either of the two positions and adjust the miter you simply made with the top square.

Make the subsequent, which is the 2nd cut. Voila!!

 The first side of your frame is ready. Repeat the same procedure for the second side.

Step #5: Resetting the Stop Block

Read just the table saw sled's on the stop block to the 2nd position.

Step #6: Cutting the Remaining Pieces of the Picture Frame

To carry this step, repeat the points mentioned above for the side's second pair. You should now have 2 pairs of frame sides.

Step #7: Assembling the Clamps

Cut all the 4 pieces to their final sizes. You now have all the 4 pieces ready and are now ready for the process of gluing up.


If you are making a smaller frame use a 4-way corner clamp. This clamp uses rods which are threaded, corner pieces and little knobs made of brass,

which will tighten and strengthen the assembly altogether and will join the miter's frame tight.

 Coming under the range of 30 dollars, the price is perfect, especially if you want to build multiple frames as a gift. 

Step #8: Size Joints and Glue Application

Picture Frame

Before applying the glue, always remember to "Size" the joints. These almost end-grain (a miter exposes grain that's essentially halfway between edge grain and end grain) surfaces sucks up a great amount of glue.

Sizing will help to make the bond stronger. Moisten your fingers with a little amount of water and start wiping on glue on the miter (photo-left).

 Leave it for a minute so that it will dry then use a brush to apply on a bit of undiluted glue.

Step #9: Clamp the Frame Together

Picture Frame

Assemble the miters and tighten the clamps together.

Step #10: Clamp for Flush Surfaces

Utilize some bar clasps on the corners to draw the 2 surface faces that mate at each corner flush.

Step #11: Frame Sanding: by Using a Sanding Block

Start sanding the whole frame first by using with 220-grit, and then 320-grit paper. While


sanding do not forget the chamfered edge, this will aid to keep your corners crisp.

Step #12: Apply Shellac

Dilute some shellac by using denatured alcohol and using a foam brush apply a thin coat.

 A mixture can be made by mixing 50% alcohol and 60% shellac. 

Both components can be found at a local hardware store.

Let the finish dry for up to 3 to 4 hours.

Step #13: Sand and Repeat

When the shellac has dried, by using a 320-grit sandpaper start sanding the grain with a light hand.

You will get a smooth surface after doing so. 

First blow off any remaining sand dust and secondly, the remaining sand dust can be removed by using a tack rug.

Finally, apply another coat of diluted shellac.

Step #14: Steel Wool for a Smooth Surface

Rub the piece with a #0000 steel wool, after the coat of shellac dries off.

Any dust nibs will be removed by this method and also this will give a super-smooth texture. 

Next, apply another coat of diluted shellac.

After this repeat the process aforementioned. Allow the finish to cure for an additional 1-2 days.

Step #15: Apply Paste Wax

By using a lint-free cloth start applying the brown paste wax and let it dry.

 After this use a clean cloth to buff it off. The wood will now appear to give a warm glow.

Step #16: Attaching a Hook to the Frame

Put the Frame Upside Down, Mark by Using a Pencil Its Center Point and Nail on an Alligator-style Frame Hook.

Step #17: Set Your Art into the Frame

After altogether cleaning your glass, place your whole art bundle

(glass, matt board, photo, and sponsor board) into the back of the casing.

 Be mindful so as not to leave any fingerprints within the glass!

Step#18: Use Glazier's Points to Fix Your Art Package

Glazier's points are utilized to set sheets of glass into windows.

They're likewise an extraordinary cheap option in contrast to a particular picture designer's tools that shoot points into the wood by itself. 

Simply utilize a putty blade to press the points into the frame.

 Make certain to apply delicate descending weight too,

 to be certain that your art bundle is solidly cemented to the inside of the edge.

 You don't need that glass to shake!

Step #19: Sealing Your Art

Fix your art by using a paper gummed box tape.

This will keep dust from getting in behind the glass. Step back and make the most of your new frame. 

All that is left is a wall and a hook on which to hang your new project!

Step #20: Hanging the Frame, After Decorating the Frame

There are two basic ways that can be used to hang the frame.

Just make sure that the frame has completely dried and has no wet glue left on it.

No matter what method you use to hang the frame, it shall be measured and centered, so as to make the final appearance of the frame even.

Woodworking Tools For Beginners

Here are the two best options:

hanging the frame
  • Attach a string at the back made up of either steel or any strong hanging material. 
  • This can be attached by adding pegs or nails to the back of the frame, one on each side, and attaching the string at each end.
Picture Frame

If you are still unsure about how to make a picture frame, this tutorial may help you out:

Woodworking is not tough, it’s easy when you give yourself to acquire the right woodworking skills.

 Here you can find some quick set of woodworking skills that gives you the expertise to make the best wood products designs.


Picture Frame

When you will personally follow these steps, you be able to figure out if the DIY-framing is cost-efficient. Moreover,

your choice will be colored by whether this activity will be fun and an individual challenge that will educate you something! DIY is truly enjoyable. 

Undoubtedly, for the individuals who acknowledge full commitment regarding their very own work, it can form into more than a hobby.

 Let us know if you have any questions about the above-given steps about making a picture frame, we would love to help you out!

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