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Husqvarna 460 Rancher VS Stihl Farm Boss

Chainsaws are a great powerful tool that does most of the work for you.

The powerful motor and cutting chain helps to cut through different materials for a wide range of applications.

Unlike the chainsaws you see in horror movies, there are actually many things to consider when purchasing a chainsaw to hack down limbs.

The different types can be more suitable for different applications.

The quality of your chainsaw can determine how effortless your work can be and how long you can do it for.

Many people shy away from gas chainsaws, but they are actually the most powerful and optimal choice for professionals. 

They do require a bit more maintenance and skill to maneuver, but the powerful motor allows you to efficiently cut through larger volumes of material.

In this article we will be comparing the Husqvarna 460 Rancher and the Stihl Farm Boss to help you determine which tool better fits your cutting needs.

All chainsaws can seem like they are all the same; however, subtle differences in features can largely influence the quality or type of work it can do.

An Inside Look at the Companies

Husqvarna is a company that creates a wide range of different tools and appliances. Their mission statement is simple: to turn technology into opportunity.

They focus on using new innovations to create higher quality products and services for customers around the world. The company was founded in 1689 first as a weapons foundry.

Over the years Husqvarna has created many different products from sewing machines to kitchen equipments to quality chainsaws. They continue to develop new technology such as Autotune, robotic mowers, and solar capabilities to better their products.

They merge their technology advancements with high quality parts to create heavy-duty tools.

Stihl is a U.S. company founded by Andreas Stihl. He turned his thought into an idea and into an invention.

Stihl created the first two-person electric chainsaw from the thought that there must be a way to make working in the forest easier.

The company focuses on supporting communities and providing their customers with unparalleled purchasing experiences.

 The company has a more focused range of tools that they continue to improve with new technologies.

The company ranks number one in selling outdoor power equipment among consumers and professional landscapers in America.


They truly focus on the quality of their products, which has proven to be a success. 

Some Things to Look For When Picking a Chainsaw


The engine is the heart of the tool that determines how easily and quickly you will be able to cut through certain materials.

The engine can be powered by gas or electricity. Gas-powered chainsaws are usually more powerful, but they do run a bit more loudly than the electric alternative.

A strong engine is essential to getting the most out of your powered chainsaw. You can put in less effort while getting more work done.


This is the part that you hold to maneuver the chainsaw.

Since gas chainsaws are a bit heavier, you want to be sure that the handle gives you a good grip for easier handling.

The handles are either in front of the tool or on top for different handling positions.

There are different styles and features to better fit your needs.

Pull start

This is the mechanism that starts the gas engine.

When choosing your saw, you want to make sure that the pull start mechanism starts easily.

The last thing you need is to wait for your tool to start up. For colder weather, it can be more difficult to get a gas engine going.

 A quality pull start mechanism can let you get started on your work quicker.


This is the component that controls the power on the engine and gives you control.

Depending on the types of materials you are cutting the throttle can adjust.

Some are automatic and others you can adjust yourself. This is important to keep your engine running smoothly.

 It also ensures that you are maximizing the use of your saw and providing it with the adequate power it needs to cut.

Throttle lock

This is a safety component that prevents unwanted throttle acceleration which can cause injuries.

If the throttle switches quickly from one speed to the next it could cause you to lose control of the tool.

Bumper spikes

These are spikes that are on the front of the tool that lay against the wood as you cut for stabilization.

You want to make sure that they are high quality or they can break easily.

Some lower-quality chainsaw bumper spikes are made of plastic and do not work as well to stabilize your tool.

 Especially for a heavier gas chainsaw, this can be an important component that is often overlooked.


The chain is a main component of a chainsaw since it contains the teeth and wraps around the guide bar to do the cutting.

The engine is what powers the chain the cuts your material. You want to make sure that the chain is easily adjustable.

Some come with auto-tensioners and other you need to adjust yourself.

Even though auto-tensioners are great, some people actually prefer to adjust it themselves to ensure that the chain is never too loose.

This could cause jagged cuts or lead to the chain flying off.

Chain Brake

The chain brake is a safety component that immediately stops the chain in case of an accident.

This is incredibly important for a powertool like a chainsaw. Especially for newer users, a gas chainsaw is not easy to use.

 A chain brake can help to prevent serious injuries in case any part of your body does come in contact with the chain.

Any added safety feature is a benefit to a chainsaw. 

Guide bar

The guide bar is the front piece the sits at the front of the tool and guides the chain when cutting.

The length is important to the type of work you need to do.

A longer saw will be able to cut the material with less strokes. When choosing the length make sure you determine what type of material you will be cutting.

Even though a longer guide bar is more versatile and able to cut larger materials, it can also be heavier and harder to use.


A chainsaw can be used for a wide variety of different applications, but pinpointing the type of work you need to do can help you figure out which tool is best for you.

Some tasks the chainsaw can perform include:

  • Cutting Trees - Chainsaws are great for cutting trees. Make sure that your bar length matches the size of tree you need to cut.
  • We recommend a bar length of two inches greater than the diameter of the tree you need to cut.
  • A 16 in bar length is sufficient for medium to smaller sized trees.
  • Splitting wood - Chainsaws are also great for splitting and cutting wood for firewood quickly.
  • Manual saws can be used for this as well, but a chainsaw gets the job done much quicker.
  • It also saves you the labor needed to hack through the and chop down the wood.
  • Even smaller sized chainsaws can get this job done. If you are primary doing this type of work, a 10-12 in. chainsaw is sufficient.
  • Outdoor Trimming - A chainsaw is one tool that can replace all your other tools that are more task-specific. It is great for yardwork big or small and can get it done much quicker than clippers or trimmers can.
  •  Instead of snipping away all day you can simply guide the bar along.
  • Smaller chainsaws are better for this type of work.
  • Clipping Branches: To get more control when cutting smaller branches, we recommend a smaller chainsaw to help you complete this type of work.
  • 12-16 in. chainsaws can cut through small and medium branches with ease.

A Detailed Look at the Husqvarna 460 Rancher and Stihl Farm Boss

Husqvarna 20 in. 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna Gas Chainsaw is a robust all-around saw that gets the job done. It has a 20 in. bar length great for cutting larger trees and all the smaller tasks it can complete.

The engine is 60.3 cc engine with 3.62 horsepower that can cut through any type of materials. Its special X-Torq engine helps to reduce fuel consumption to save you on gas costs.

For such a large gas-powered chainsaw, this tool only weights 12.8 pounds making it easy for any level of user to maneuver.

This saw integrates Husqvarna advanced technology with high-quality components to bring you a heavy-duty tool.

This saw features a Smart Start technology that provides easier starting and lets you get to your work quicker.

It also has a LowVib system that reduces vibrations for increased saw life as well as easier wielding.

The chain has a side-mounted chain tensioning system that lets you adjust it easily and quickly while working.

 It also has an added air injection system that keeps the larger dust particles from reaching the air filter for a healthier engine.

This chainsaw has all the benefits of an electric chainsaw with the power of a gas chainsaw.


  • Quickstart technology is reliable
  • Engine is powerful and cuts through any wood
  • Chain tension is easily adjusted from the side


  • Runs through bar oil quickly
  • Can be heavy for newer users
  • High price point

Stihl Farm Boss 16-20 in. Gas Chainsaw

The Stihl Farm Boss Gas Chainsaw is also a high performing tool that can be used with a bar length of 16-20 in.

This is a great tool for you to choose which length is best for you.

The weight of the saw is 12.3 inches without the bar.

This is light enough for even beginner users to attempt.

The engine has a capacity of 50.2 cc and has an incredible speed of 13000mph.

 This saw has added safety features such as reduced kickback bats and a Quickstop chain brake. 

The saw also features an air filtration system that results in less maintenance.

One downside of gas chainsaws is the level of maintenance, but with this added feature you can rest easy.

The Stihl saw is built in the U.S. and is more environmentally conscious and produces zero or low exhaust emissions.

This saw is also easily adjustable with the side-access chain tensioner.

The saw is a heavy-duty product that can assist with any level of work.


  • Compatible with different bar lengths
  • Environmentally conscious production
  • Extensive safety features


  • Can be hard to start at times
  • Chain can dull quickly
  • Slightly lower gas capacity

Main Differences Between the Husqvarna 460 Rancher and Stihl Farm Boss

The main differences between the Husqvarna 460 Rancher and Stihl Farm Boss is the extra features that each saw has.

The Stihl saw has more extensive safety features while the Husqvarna saw has added technologies that help to make the tool more convenient to use.

 Some of the safety features that the Stihl saw has include kickback technology in case the wood catches and a Quickstop chain brake.

Both these features add to your safety while using the tool.

The Husqvarna saw has a reliable quick start technology that works even in colder weather.

Note that the Stihl saw also has a slightly lower gas capacity, which shortens the usage.

This can also be an advantage since it weighs slightly less. Both tools are powerful chainsaws made to make your life easier. 

Choosing the Best Chainsaw For Your Needs

Since both saws are high-quality products it boils down to which features you value more.

The Stihl saw has better safety features and is slightly lighter while the Husqvarna saw has more innovative technology


features that are more convenient. Husqvarna 20 in. 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Depending on what you want in your saw, there may be one better suited for your requests.

With either of these tools you will not be disappointed with the quality of performance.

We hope this breakdown of two similar products helps you figure out which one you need.

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