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Dewalt 745 vs 7480 Which One Is Better For You

In this guide we take a look at Dewalt 745 vs 7480 in comparison to help you determine the better tool for you.

A compact table saw is a useful tool for those with limited space or only require limited cutting projects.

While a compact table saw does not have the cutting capabilities of a full-sized cabinet saw, they can still pack a punch that gets the job done. 

With a compact worksite table saw, you do not have to commit to a set space for your tool, and you can also bring it with you wherever you may need.

A compact table saw is great for smaller materials and sits stably on a work surface. 

This is also great for you to put it at the exact height you need. Compact table saws are also much safer and easier to use than the full sized alternatives.

With this compact tool you are able to make a variety of different cuts to assist with a variety of different projects.

Depending on the model, a jobsite table saw can be great for home users as well as professionals.

Table saws come in a large range of sizes, applications and tools, making it difficult to choose the one that fits your needs.

Dewalt as a Company

The company can tell you a lot about the quality of tools it creates.

The focus of Dewalt is the toughness of their products and the customer satisfaction.

The founder of the company, Raymond Dewalt, said “You buy a machine and what you really get is satisfaction, entire satisfaction”.

The company continually improves their products to better serve their customers.

Dewalt was founded in 1922 when Raymod perfected the first woodworking machine.

From there the company has expanded and works to create a large array of different tools.

They continue to develop new technology to further advance their tools.

 Some innovations they have developed over the years include wi-fi tool connect capabilities, flexvolt batteries, reciprocating saw blades, and brushless motors.

The company integrates the new technology with improved durable components to bring you some of the best tools on the market. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Compact Table Saw

Saw Blade

The blade is one of the most important components of the tool because it is essentially what is doing the cutting. 

Compact table saws are usually accompanied by a smaller blade which is more optimal for smaller and thinner materials.

While more people try to go for the largest blade, it can actually weaken the control if you are only cutting thinner width materials.

 It is important to note the size and type of materials you will be working with. If you are doing mostly rip cutting, a blade with less teeth will be best. 

If you cut a wide range of materials, a blade with an average amount of teeth can work for all types of work.

 Blades with more teeth are better for smoother cross cuts. It is also important to take a look at the material of the blade.

 Some are treated or tipped with carbide to help to extend the life of the blade.

A sharper blade can help you get your work done more effortlessly and efficiently.

Table Surface

The table surface is another important component of the tool since it is what your cutting material sits on. 

The work surface of a compact saw is much smaller than a cabinet saw, but it is made to stay light and portable.

The maximum capabilities of the table surface are important to consider when making your decision since you will not be able to cut material bigger than the maximum capabilities. 

Some compact saws are extendable for greater versatility. Others are compatible with extending parts in case you do need to cut larger materials.

These extendable surfaces allow you to increase your tabletop surface while still keeping the tool light and easy to carry around.

When choosing a compact table saw be sure that the tabletop surface is level and keeps your material stable.

A low-quality tool can make your material wobble which decreases the durability and safety of your tool.

Saw Base and Motor

The saw base is what the blade and motor sits in. This component is important since it needs to keep all the components stable while not weighing a ton. 

With a high torque spinning blade, it can create vibrations or wobble in a tool, but for sawing, this can be dangerous.

The base of the saw should be stable on its own and on a compatible stand. 

Some bases also come with added features such as dust port collection and onsite storage capabilities.

The dust port collection aims to catch the sawdust while cutting.

It is never 100% effective, but having one can greatly minimize the amount of cleanup.

The onsite storage can be great especially for those that need to bring the tool from place to place.

 Not only do they house the miter gauge and rip fence, some can hold additional tools. 

As for the motor, a stronger motor is better equipped to handle tougher materials for longer.

A high-powered motor lets you work less while still creating superior cuts.

Accuracy Tools

Some tools that help you make more accurate cuts include the miter gauge and rip fence.

A miter gauge rotates and is able to adjust to specific angles to make accurate angled cuts.

A rip fence is essentially a bar that keeps your materla in place when making rip cuts. Cutting without these tools can be difficult.

 Many saws come with subpar accuracy systems, so it is important to make sure that yours is high-quality. 

This way you can save time and money on getting these extra tools for your saw.

The most important features of these tools are accuracy and customization. 

Some things to look for in your systems include a telescoping fence system or one that is easily adjustable.

This can help you make straight cuts without having to constantly adjust. A miter gauge should be adjustable to your liking.

Some have positive stops at common angles for easier adjustment. These tools should be heavy-duty to help with your cuts, instead of making them more difficult.


Some safety features to look for in a table saw include a slow start up, anti-kickback mechanisms and a blade guard.

This added layer of safety can benefit any level of user. you should check Table Saw Safety Rules You Should Know


The price usually ranges on the level of customization or quality of parts. Some are geared for home use and others for more professional use.

Be sure to determine the application and use of your saw before committing to a compact table saw.

They are a hefty investment, but most are versatile to complete a number of different tasks.bDo not sacrifice the quality for a lower price since there are plenty of options on the market.

 A lower price usually means cheaper components that can break easily. We recommend spending a bit more on a quality tool that can last you a long time. 

A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Dewalt 645 and Dewalt 7480


Dewalt 745 10 in. Compact Table Saw

The Dewalt Compact Table Saw comes with a 10 in. 24-tooth carbide tipped blade that spins at 3,840 rpm for quick and clean cuts.

The 15 amp high torque motor gets the job done, even for more aggressive rip cuts. 

The lower number of teeth on the saw blade make this a great tool for tip cutting.

The whole component weighs only 48 pounds, making it easily moved from one work surface to another.

A great feature that sets this saw base apart is the capability to adjust the rear feet level to allow the saw to stay stable and level even on uneven worksurfaces.

With this tool you can bring it anywhere and place it on any surface. 

The product also comes with a heavy-duty fence and miter gauge system.

The rack and pinion telescoping fence is easily adjustable and allows for a maximum rip of 20 in for larger sheets of materials.

Along with the miter gauge, this product also has adjustable show bevels ranging from 0 to 45 degrees for versatile beveled cuts.

If you are worried about safety, this saw comes with a modular guard system that protects your hands and fingers from getting too close to the blade.

This is a heavy-duty product that has great versatility and portability to help with all your projects.


  • Able to be placed on any surface
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Powerful and accurate cuts


  • Can be too small for some
  • Miter gauge can be improved
  • Blade height is not able to be locked

Dewalt 7480 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw

The Dewalt 7480 is actually a discontinued product, but if you are able to get your hands on it, it is a great high-quality tool to add to your arsenal.

This saw also comes with a 10 in. 24-tooth carbide blade that is optimal for rip cutting.

The powerful 15 amp motor has a capability of 4800 rpm to easily cut through even hard materials.

Even though this tool is slightly larger, it only weighs 48 pounds making it easy to carry around with you.

Like the Dewalt 745, this tool also comes with a rack and pinion telescoping fence that keeps your work material in place. 

The adjustable fence system allows for a maximum ripping capacity of 24 ½ inches.

This is great for larger materials, making the tool more versatile.

This tool also comes with the adjustable feet that stay level on any surface. These compact job site table saws are also compatible with most table saw stands in case that you do not have a surface to put the saw.

It is easy attached and detached while still staying stable.

This compact tool has some of the largest capabilities in this size of table saw while still keeping its lightweight. 

This saw also comes with the added blade guard that you can easily see through to keep your hands away from the blade.

If you are looking for a great versatile tool that can accommodate even larger materials, be sure to check this saw out.


  • Motor does not bog down or stall
  • Able to sit stably on any work surface
  • Lightweight and portable for its size


  • Miter gauge is not tight
  • Cord can be too short
  • Blade may need to be aligned before using

Dewalt 745 vs 7480 What Is The Differences Between Them

The main difference between the Dewalt 745 and the Dewalt 7480 is the size and rip capacity.

The Dewalt 745 measures 22.72 x 29.21 x16.73 in. while the Dewalt 7480 measures 25.75 x 26.5 x 13.88 in.

The Dewalt 745 is more rectangular and great for longer materials, while the Dewalt 7480 is great for larger or wider materials. 

For a compact saw, the Dewalt 7480 has a great range and can be a great pick for those that work with larger materials.

The Dewalt 745 can still work for a wide range of materials because of the telescoping fence.

They both weigh relatively the same size, so it just depends on the types of materials you need to cut. Another main difference is the motor capabilities.

The Dewalt 745 has a speed of 3850 RPM, while the Dewalt 7480 has a speed of 4800RPM.

 This is great for those that need more power and speed for harder materials. Both products are great tools to help with a wide range of applications.

How to Choose the Best Compact Table Saw For You

In order to choose the right saw for you, you need to first determine what kind of materials you need to cut.

Since the saws differ mainly in size, it is important to determine what size of materials you need to cut. The Dewalt 7480 is discontinued, but if your work requires larger rip capacity, you may want to try to get your hands on it.

The Dewalt 745 is still a great compact and portable tool that produces superior cuts. It can be confusing reading through all the fine print and small numbers that describe a tool’s capabilities.

Hopefully this article is able to clear up the small details to help you make a more informed choice.

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