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Bosch 4100-09 Review Why You Should Buy It

These days table saws come with every feature imaginable, making the choices never ending.

Bosch is a notable competitor to keep your eye on when purchasing a table saw.

With a great number of positive reviews, the Bosch 10-inch Portable Table Saw is becoming a highly desired power tool.

Bosch’s philosophy is not only in regards to their products but also extends to humanity and human respect.

The company focuses on the environment, their products, the company associates, and society itself.

Here we look into the Bosch 10-inch Portable Table Saw and break down the nitty gritty to decide if their product will work for you. 

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Table Saw Basics

Horsepower of the Motor

The motor is a main component of the saw that determines how easily the saw will be able to cut through a range of materials and widths.

Smaller saws will most likely have a lower horsepower, since they are made to cut smaller materials. 

Precision and Accuracy

Accessories that come with the saw, ensure that you will be able to make the most precise and smooth cuts possible.

These accessories include the miter gauge and rip fence.

Both tools help keep the cutting material stable to ensure the most smooth cuts possible.

Protection Factors

A saw needs reliable protection systems to help minimize the risk of injury.

Even though it may not seem that important, certain protection mechanisms can greatly reduce the chances of a serious injury.

Construction Overview

There are a large amount of different table saws that can range from 50 pounds to over 500 pounds.

Whether you are looking for a saw to assist you from room to room, or a large industrial grade saw for large-scale cuts, there will be one that suits your needs.

Mobile saws, like the Bosch 10-inch Portable Table Saw are the ideal option for those with limited amounts of workspace.

These portable systems can also be moved easily from each destination, with easy and quick set up.

A standard table saw, no matter what type, comes with a blade that lays in a stationary position.

The user guides the cutting material along the spinning saw blade to make different types of cuts including cuts that go across the grain (cross cuts) and cuts that go with the grain (rip cuts).

Some of the principal elements of the Bosch 10-inch Portable Table Saw include the table surface, the 10-inch 40T blade, wheeled table saw stand, SquareLock rip fence, and accessories 

Features and Benefits of the Bosch Saw

We have briefly gone over the primary parts of the portable Bosch saw system, but now let's take a look at the ins and outs of this saw system.

Features at a Glance:

  • Gravity Rise Wheeled Table Stand
  • 10-inch 40-Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade
  • Throat Plate table insert
  • Smart guard system
  • Rip fence
  • Miter gauge
  • Push stick
  • 15 amp motor
  • Soft-start circuitry
  • On-board storage

Table Surface

This saw comes with a square table top that measures 29 in. x 21 ½ in. This is a spacious size for a portable saw that allows you to work with a wide range of materials.

The tabletop allows for a 25 inch rip capacity and works even with 4 feet wide materials.

I wish the product was available when I was working on projects all around my house.

With this tool there is no need for you to carry the material from your workspace wherever you may need it, since you can just bring the saw right to you! The heavy-duty aluminum work surface lets you place the cutting material completely flat on the table top and glide through the blade easily without any friction.

This set up truly allows for smooth cuts and maximum portability.


The blade on the Bosch Portable table saw is centered for easy measuring.

The blade that comes with the saw is a 10-inch blade with 40 Carbide-tipped teeth for easy ripping.

The blade has a great safety feature to prevent kickback if any catching were to occur.

This helps the material from launching straight towards you if anything were to catch abnormally to the blade of the saw.

The blade also comes with a riving knife that rises and falls with the height of the blade to ensure that your hands are protected from the blade at all times.

The heavy duty material of the blade is optimal for rip cuts, but the blade allows for versatility with its average amount of teeth.

 It is most suitable for rip cuts, although it can make cross cuts as well with its superior quality accessories.


The stand on this portable saw is truly innovative.

The saw stand has a gravity rise capability that is also adjustable to the specific height that meets your specific cutting needs.

 The design also features a one handle release system that allows for a quick set up.

This saves a great amount of time, especially if you are bringing this saw from place to place.

The stand is made from a high quality heavy-gauge steel construction that is light yet sturdy.

Another feature that increases the portability of this tool is its 8-inch wheels.

The wheels are attached to one side of the blade and are able to handle uneven surfaces with its treaded rubber tires. 

The wheels also have a locking mechanism and are sure to stay in place when you need them to.

When transporting the saw, the saw folds up with one single mechanism and you are able to wheel the whole system at once.

Motor and Base

The motor on the Bosch 10-inch Portable Table saw has a 15 amp strength that delivers a maximum of 4.0 horsepower, needed for aggressive rip cuts as well as precise crosscuts of a large variety of working materials.

The motor has a unique constant response circuitry that helps maintain the saw speed under the load given, maximizing the saw’s durability.

As well as keeping a constant speed while cutting, the saw also consists of a soft-start circuitry that manages the start-up of the machine and makes sure the circuit breaker does not trip due to the intensity of the blade.

This is a great added safety feature that can often be overlooked.

The base of this saw is built for increased portability as well as proficiency.

The integrated carry handles attached to the side of the base allows for even easier carrying.

Imagine a suitcase, but instead it’s a tool that can accompany you through all the work you need to do around the house or shop.

The base also comes with on-board storage that provides space for the rip fence, miter gauge, extra blades, and the smart guard system for easy transport.

This is truly an all-in-one tool. Instead of bringing your whole arsenal, all you need is this portable saw.

Rip Fence and Miter Gauge

These are two accessories that come with this saw, that helps to increase the precision of the cuts you will be making.

The saw features a reliable SquareLock rip fence that allows for one handed operation.

The fence is engineered to a maximum squareness and stability that only requires one hand to guide the material against the rail. 

This allows for extremely efficient rip cuts that allow you to even hold a drink in one hand! The miter gauge that accompanies this saw helps with making the most accurate crosscuts.

The miter gauge is easily adjustable to the desired degree allowing for easy angled cuts that a more detailed project might call for.

A quality rip fence and miter gauge is what really sets this table apart from others.

Extra Features

Some added traits about this saw and the company itself include the SmartGuard system for added security.

The SmartGaurd system on this saw features a 3 position riving knife that is adjustable to protect your hands from the blade.

It also comes with anti-kickback mechanisms and a clear non-obstructed view barrier guard on the blade.

Bosch, beyond striving for top quality products, also supports environmental programs that aim to minimize energy consumption.

A part of the company's resources are allocated to help conserve the world's resources and protect the environment.

The company also values a largely diverse workforce that aims to make a difference to their community.

Not only does this company care about their products, but they value the importance of their customers and environment as well. 

Customer Reviews

Here we look through what other customers mention about the saw. After checking out the web for the particulars about the saw, here are some comments other users wrote about the Bosch.

table saw

When looking through the reviews, we find all around that the Bosch portable table saw provides a superior table saw choice.

A great number of customers commend the table saw for the heavy duty components that also increase the durability and mobility of the saw.

The saw may not be optimal for all types of cuts and projects, but if you are looking for a satisfactory saw that has power and portability, this saw has it all. 


If this saw is not quite what you are looking for, here are some alternatives that may be more suitable for your specific needs.

The Evolution saw has a unique blade system that increases the blade and motor life that is optimized to cut through a wide variety of materials.

While the Bosch saw works best for rip cuts, this saw is able to easily rip cut and crosscut with utmost accuracy.

The blade is tipped with unique Japanese Tungsten that cuts through steel, aluminum, and nail studded woods.

This is a great affordable option that still has the accuracy and strength of a more expensive option.

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Evolution Saw
Evolution Saw
  • Wider range of material cuts
  • Has a bevel tilt for safe cuts
  • Includes a 28-T multi-material blade
Bosch Saw
  • Most optimal for wood cuts with 40T blade
  • Advanced electronics for long lasting motor
  • Multiple SmartGuard systems for added safety

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If you are looking for a more affordable option that does not sacrifice quality and portability for value, look no further.

 A great component that this Skilsaw portable saw has that most other smaller saws do not is the dust port elbow.

This port collects the cutting debris to one area, for easier clean up.

This is a great advantage for those that are working mostly indoors.

This makes it much easier to clean up.

 Even though this is a slightly more expensive option, the saw comes with superior accessories that make this saw a worthwhile investment.

The Precision rack and gence system allows for extremely precise cuts with a powerful motor.

 Another great advantage of this particular saw is the gear train.

This is a unique feature that reduces the friction of the gears, leading to a longer lasting component. 

  • Worm drive gearing for reduced friction
  • Telescoping table extension for larger materials
  • Unique dust port collection
Bosch Saw
  • More affordable price
  • Comes with 40T saw most optimal for cutting
  • More extensive protective systems

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If you are looking for a larger investment for high quality accessories and unique technologies, this is the saw for you.

The Dewalt 10-inch table saw is more expensive  

This saw is a bit bigger, making it more suitable for users that cut bigger materials.

A notable feature of this portable unit is its ability to cut with the wheels off the floor.

If you are worried about the tires slipping while cutting bigger material, this saw has the wheels lifted, while still allowing for easy transport when needed.

This saw also comes with a dust port for easier dust collection.

This saw also comes with a miter gauge, but is more suitable for rip cutting since the blade that comes with the component is a 24-tooth saw.

The blade can be easily switched for different cuts.

Another great feature of this saw that stands out from others is the telescoping fence rail that allows for greater stability of the material 

Dewalt Saw
  • More stability with its lifted wheels
  • Unique telescoping fence
  • Added dust port for indoor use
Bosch Saw
  • Great on-site storage for easy transport
  • Extensive guard system for added protections
  • Patented gravity-rise design for efficient set up

If you are looking for a heavy duty option that is accompanied by quality accessories, be sure to check this tool out.


Table saws have a wide variety of designs to best fit your needs.

The Bosch 10-inch Portable Table saw lets you bring your workplace to wherever you need with its increased portability.


There is no need to spend an arm and leg for a top quality product.

This tool is made with lightweight and durable materials made to last through all your toughest projects.

 You do not need a 600-hundred pound cabinet saw to cut through your tough materials because this portable saw is able to get the job done with ease. 

This tool is an exceptional complement to any home or shop workspace.

Click (Bosch 10-inch Portable Table Saw) to check this product out for yourself!

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