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6 Best Small Chainsaw In The Market Today

Welcome! Need a new chainsaw that’s powerful but isn’t a log to carry around? You’ve come to the right page.

To save you time and money we tried out multiple small chainsaws. 

From gas to electric, we’ve found and have compiled a list of the best small chainsaws to help fit your needs.

What to Look for When Buying A Small Chainsaw

If your mind brought you here then you must be thinking of cutting down a Christmas tree, a bush, or your in-laws.

If this is your first time this is a perfect spot for you to learn how to choose a quality small chainsaw.

Choosing a small chainsaw means you aren’t planning to cut down a tree everyday or be like Paul Bunyan.


They are meant for light trimming, cutting down small trees, limbs, bushes, and to make your front yard look good.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It is better to undersize than oversize for chainsaws because most people do not cut trees everyday. 

Before we get into the reviews its important to know what a small chainsaw can do:

  • Splitting Firewood: The most basic thing you can use any saw for is splitting firewood. This is one of the main reasons people use a small chainsaw. Instead of having to swing an axe multiple times you can slice through in an instant.
  • Trimming Outside (or trimming down there): There’s only so much clippers and trimmers can do. Using a small chainsaw allows you the ability to work easier and faster at half the time.
  • Pruning Limbs: No not actual people, but the small limbs of a small tree. Using a bigger/normal chainsaw increases your chance of being hurt (it’s also really heavy) so using a small chainsaw allows you more options while being safe and lightweight.
  • Practice Towards a Bigger Chainsaw: Regardless of whether you’re a pro chainsaw user or not, you need to have practice with a small chainsaw before you decide to use a heavy normal chainsaw. It may seem like an extra step but this will benefit you for your own safety.

What to Look for When Buying A Small Chainsaw

Battery/Electric Saw

The two types of electric saws are battery-powered and corded electric.

Battery-powered saws are wireless and require little maintenance, making them very portable and lightweight to carry.

The downside is that these types of saws tend to be on the higher end of pricing. These are great for homeowners who saw occasionally.

Corded electric chainsaws have the ability to be as strong as a gas-powered saw.

The main difference is that it needs to be plugged in so it’ll go as far as your extension cord.

Corded electric chainsaws have been in the market for a while so there are many great options to choose from. 


Most people think of gas-powered saws when they first think of sawing.

These saws are usually loud and get the job done with ease, if maintained correctly.

Depending on whether you like these aspects of maintenance, this is one small drawback we’ve found with gas-powered small chainsaws.

Maintenance includes a spark plug replacements, a clean air filter, and a proper mix of gas and oil.

Storing a Small Chainsaw

It is important to remember to make a decent amount of space for a chainsaw, and also keeping it out of a child’s reach as it is a safety hazard.

This tip is for gas chainsaws only but make sure to use ethanol free fuels.

Ethanol fuels are bad for chainsaws if it sits in storage for a while.

The fuel turns into a gum like substance that makes the chainsaw run bad. 

Remember to let the saw go empty on its own while storing. 

The bar length of a chainsaw is a feature you cannot ignore. The bar length determines the capabilities of your chainsaw.

Chainsaw length varies, starting from 6 inches all the way up to 24 inches.

Imagine using a 24 inch saw on your wife’s garden of roses. Good luck with that.

Since you’re here for small chainsaws we suggest keeping the bar length from 8 inches to 14 inches.

Most saws have a bar length of 8 inches so this is a good length from newcomers to start.

You do not need a chainsaw that is 16+ inches because saws at that bar length have a high amount of kickback.

With that being said you need to be an avid user of chainsaws to use those types of saws.

In addition, 20+ inch saws are industrial grade tools not meant for your average person.

What is Kickback

If you’re just getting into this space, kickback is when a piece of wood propels back towards the user of the saw.

This happens when a solid piece of wood meets the top half of the saw bar’s end.

Kickback is responsible for sending 31,400 people into the ER each year. Be very careful and use both hands while operating a saw!

Our Top Picks

Since you have an understanding of small chainsaws we can now give you our top picks. This quick-guide will help you make the best choice that fits your needs.


Makita XCU02PT 18

This is an easy to use battery powered saw that is cordless. It is perfect for cutting bushes, branches, small trees, and easy to carry around.

The bar length is 12 inches so it’s right in the middle of home usage and a lumberjack. We tried this out on 2.0 - 4.0 inches of trunks from tree limbs and this saw handled it with ease.

This is also small enough to bring with you on a camping trip. We used this to help keep a campfire going and cut firewood easily. IT’s quiet enough so you won’t be that loud annoying neighbor that cuts their bushes at 5:00am. Maintenance with this saw is slim to none.

One thing to note is chain adjustment. We were changing the adjustment a little more than other saws but we think that the saw just needs to be broken in. 


  • Lightweight and comes with 2 batteries that have a long life.
  • Easy to put together and disassemble.
  • Rechargeable battery included.
  • Little to no maintenance and no noise complaints.


  • Chain adjustment issues.
  • Powerful, but not as strong as a gas-powered saw.
  • Little information on the instruction manual.
  • Chain replacement is not available in all areas (check online for replacement).


This is an efficient yet powerful small chainsaw. It has a 12 inch Oregon Bar and chain that has a low kickback. Ideal for anyone who works in construction or planning to do outdoor cutting applications.

It only weighs 8.8lbs so it’s optimized for max comfort and control for the user.
20V battery option which is plenty for all users.

We tested this out on 5 medium sized trees and this saw cut them all down with no problems at all. This includes cutting the trees down for firewood and cleaning it up.

We also tidied up the bushes in the front yard and backyard and still have plenty of battery life left. Besides for our exhaustion, we could have easily used this for 2 more trees and more yardwork.


  • Long and strong battery life.
  • Cordless and lightweight.
  • Handles trees with 10 inches in diameter with ease.


  • Some oil leakage from bar oil.
  • Lack of adjustment for oil flow.
  • Design makes it hard to grip for some, front heavy.

Chain Saw, Gas, 14In. Bar, 30.5 CC

This is a powerful standard gas-powered small chainsaw. It’s strong enough to rip through wood but small enough to fit in your garage. It also manages to maintain good fuel efficiency while in use. We used this saw to clear out a yard that was ignored and neglected.

This yard had dead trees, dead bushes, and stumps. This saw coming in at 8lbs was able to handle all of that yardwork with ease. We tried this out on a stump of a dried cherry tree and it cut it like butter.

Many of the corded models struggled with this task so we were pleasantly surprised with this.

We recommend this saw for those who plan to do yard work on more of a daily basis. This saw is overkill a small bush in the front yard but is great for a front and back yard project.

Since it is a gas-powered saw it will make a decent amount of noise. Still, that amount of noise is a small price to pay when you plan on cutting through trees in 5 seconds. 


  • Lightweight and starts quickly
  • Strong enough to cut through thick wood.
  • Gas powered.


  • Overkill for the occasional user.
  • May receive a noise complaint from neighbors.
  • Not many accessories like a chain or sharpening tools.

EGO Power+ CS1401

Reguarls and DIYers are on the rise in using cordless tools for landscape. We have vetted the EGO Power+ CS1401 and think it's perfect for yard work and landscaping.

Takes only 40 minutes to charge to full power and runs at a speed of 6300rpm. The fact that this saw is cordless allows you to move freely and navigate through your yard without having to worry about having a long enough extension cord.

We thought that this cut through medium sized trees like a medium rare steak. You have the ability to to cut through bushes, branches, and stumps with little to no resistance.

Since this saw is electric you won’t receive any noise complaints if you wanted to do early yardwork in the morning. We want to note that this weighs in at around 11.1lbs, so it is a bit heavier than the other small chainsaws but it makes up for that in power. 


  • Quick charge of only 40 minutes,
  • Stronger than most small saws.
  • No smelly fumes while using.


  • Battery longevity issues.
  • Chain may fall off.
  • More maintenance than your usual electric chainsaw.

Worx WG322

Weighing in at about 6.2lbs, this chainsaw is great from light trimming on bushes and small logs. No gas and no cord means that you can use it anywhere without making a bunch of noise.

It comes with auto-chain tension, which will give you the right amount of tension for any job. With auto-chain lubrication, all you have to do is fill it with oil and the indiation where let you know when you need to add more or less.


  • Great for small jobs round the yard.
  • The lightest chainsaw on our list.
  • Easy and straightforward to use.


  • Not great for small trees or heavy logs.
  • Small battery life.
  • Meant for limbs 4 inches or smaller.


Our last small chainsaw recommendation is this BLACK+DECKER one. Weighing at 7.2lbs, with a 20V battery, it’s meant to last a while. Since this is on the lighter end of chainsaws, it makes it easy to get into hard to reach branches.

It works great with small trees but not so much with 20ish feet yucca trees, since it is on the smaller and lightweight side. This chainsaw also has a tool-less chain tightening mechanism, which comes in handy when adjusting the chain.


  • Great from trimming up trees.
  • Super light and great to reach weird angles.


  • Oil has to be manually dispensed with a thumb button.
  • Limited power.


If you still aren’t sure in which small chainsaw to pick, our main pick would be the Makita XCU02PT 18.

It’s great for first timers getting into yard work and trimming. With a decent amount of power and an included rechargeable battery it’s a great tool for you to learn how to use a chainsaw.

Because it’s battery-powered, you’ll have a chainsaw that is ready to use as soon as you press on.

This small chainsaw comes with 2 rechargeable batteries so you can do as much work as you want without worry of ever stopping to fill it with gas or oil.

It’s strong enough to cut small trees and logs and small enough to keep in your car for camping, and also quiet enough to use it in the early hours so you won’t have any neighbor complaints. 

Small enough to carry with one hand light enough to store in your garage with ease.

Overall, this is our pick if you’re looking for something that fits the bill across the board! As with all chainsaws, big or small, make sure you practice safety precautions. Wear a hard hat and gloves always and you’ll be good to go. 

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