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5 Best Miter Gauge In The Market Today

If you are looking to upgrade your miter saw to maximize its potential, there are tons of different accessories to choose from.

 A miter gauge is a tool designed to hold and stabilize your cutting material at the specified angle you need.

 Here we give you some insight into choosing the best miter gauge for you.

What is it used for?

Unlike its name, a miter gauge can be used for different types of saws, not just a miter saw.

To miter means to join two pieces of material at an angle, which is exactly what a miter saw and gauge are designed to do.

Miter saws are made to swivel at the desired angle, to make an angled cut.

It is incredibly difficult to cut accurate angles with just a spinning blade, so most table or miter saws come with its own miter gauge.

Unfortunately, the ones that come with the saw are usually subpar and only lock to commonly cut angles making customization difficult.

Choosing a new one means you are able to find the one that works best with the work you usually do.

Having a miter gauge can be really helpful especially when you only have a table saw.

Since table saws are mainly designed for rip cutting, getting a multi-use miter gauge can make your table saw just as useful for cutting across the grain of the material.

Miter gauges these days are extremely accurate and even cut impressively down to fractions of a degree. 

How it works

A miter gauge settles into the slot designated for it on your saw.

It consists of a long metal guide with a semi-circle head that hinges from its connection to the thin metal guide.

The miter gauge comes with a sturdy locking mechanism that lets the pivot head to be locked at a specific angle ranging from -45 to 45 degrees.

When using a miter gauge, the cutting material is leaned against the back of the bar, and the miter gauge moves with the material towards the blade.

 This allows the saw to cut at the angle the miter gauge is set at.

This is similar to a table saw fence, but a miter gauge is specifically designed to stabilize the material for cross cuts, while fences are typically made for rip cuts. 

Different Types of Cuts

The miter gauge can help with a variety of different cuts including cross cuts, square cuts, angled cross cuts, and even compound cuts.

This is especially helpful if you only have a table saw, but are looking to do precise cross cutting.

To make cross cuts using a miter gauge you should slide the miter gauge towards you (backwards) to the front edge and place your material against the gauge.

You can then slide the miter gauge with the anchored material past the saw blade.

After completing the cut, slowly bring the entire assembly back to the starting position.

To make square cuts with a miter gauge is extremely easy and accurate.

Setting the gauge at 90 degrees means that the gauge is perpendicular to the saw blade.

This is the simplest type of cut, but to ensure the utmost accuracy, it is important to check the accuracy and adjust.

To make angled cross cuts to cut at the precise angle you called for requires you to move a bit slower to ensure the most accurate cut.

The blade tends to pull at the material, but the guage’s clamps can help with keeping it stable.

Again with these types of precise cuts, it is better to test with a drafting material and make adjustments if needed.

The miter gauge can also help with making compound cuts which combine the miter gauge angle and the angle of the bevel saw blade.

You are able to customize cross cut angle as well as the vertical angle from the blade’s tilt.

This is especially helpful for extremely detailed woodworking projects.

To make commonly used angles easier and quicker to cut, many miter gauges have set stops for more efficient cutting.

These common angles include 90, 45, 30, 60, and 22 ½ degrees.

Helpful Tips

Attempts on cross cutting material longer than 4 feet are not recommended with a miter gauge.

The size of the board is difficult to align accurately and can even be dangerous if the saw table is too small.

Another tip is that if you do wish to cut longer boards, adding a secure strip of wood to the face of the miter gauge can add stability to the unit.

Many miter gauges have pre-drilled holes so you can attach extra material to the gauge.

Our last, and most important tip is to always use protective gear, which includes protection for your ears and eyes. 

Special Edition Incra Miter Gauge

This special edition Incra miter gauge is a precise miter gauge that has it all.

There are numerous additions to this miter gauge that maximize the customization of your cuts.

One key feature of this miter gauge is the patented GlideLOCK bar which has 6 expansion points that allow for easy repeating cuts.

This is a great miter gauge for large-scale or repetitive work.

The telescoping fence allows for extra extension to make sure even longer material stays stable while cutting.

Like most miter gauges, this one has stops all across 180°, but an added advantage of this particular tool is the vernier cursor that allows for detailed adjustments up to 1/10 of a degree.

This gauge is also compatible with most saws and even has a top-mounted tab that lets you place and remove the gauge from tool to tool easily.

 Even though this may be on the pricier size of accessories, this miter gauge is sure to make cutting more precise and efficient.


  • -Accurate angles allow you to get more precise
  • -Extra customization
  • -Able to accommodate longer materials


  • -Tight bolts
  • -Only one flip stop
  • -More complicated set up

Powertec Deluxe Miter Gauge

This Powertec is an upgrade to any standard miter gauge that can accommodate most table saws including those without miter slots.

This is a great option for those that have multiple tools.

With this lightweight accessory, you are able to easily move this system from one to another.

The gauge features a heavy duty metal construction and a heavy duty aluminum head made to last.

This gauge is a great value for the price, and there is no need to sacrifice the quality of cut or the option to customize.

The gauge is designed for maximum comfort, featuring an ergonomic grip on the handle.

There are also a number of added features that can help customize the saw to best fit your needs.

For added ease, this saw has positive stops at the most commonly used angles, which makes this a great saw for those that make common angled cuts.

It also can be manually set to be locked at degrees in between, adding even more versatility to this saw.


  • -Affordable for those who don’t want to spend too much
  • -Compact and easy to store
  • -Built for comfort


  • -Small adjustments to angles
  • -Sliding screws
  • -Doesn’t fit all saws

Kreg Precision Miter Gauge

This Kreg Precision Miter Gauge system is factory calibrated to accuracy of fractions of a decimal.

This system allows for quick adjustments using the micro adjusters to 1/100 of a degree.

This is one of the most precise tools on the market.

This gauge has positive stops at the common angles as well, making this a great multi-purpose tool.

The angle of this gauge ranges from -45 to 45 degrees, making it slightly less than other gauges; however, if you are cutting smaller angles, this is a great tool for you.

Having this system takes away the time consuming step of making sure your cuts are accurate.

There is no need to test the gauge with scrap material before you cut.

This tool also comes with a precision lens cursor that has a high-visibility red line that allows for quick and easy setting even through the lens of your safety goggles.

Having this accessory in your arsenal makes cross cutting hassle free for any level of woodworking.


  • -Very accurate and allow you to get into details quickly
  • -Compatible with most tools
  • -Great value for the price


  • -Better for bigger tables
  • -Slick aluminum
  • -Pin falls out

Incra 120° Miter Gauge

This Incra Miter Gauge is a 120° gauge that has special stops at positive or negative 22 ½ degrees for easy cutting, as well as stops at every degree.

Even though you are not able to customise cuts between the degree, the laser cut stops create precise cuts every time.

This is a great tool for extra precise cuts at an affordable price.

Incra gauges also come with a unique GlideLOCK miter bar that provides a perfect fit to your cutting material.

The steel components of this gauge provide a sturdy support for any material you are cutting.

Even though the angle may be slightly smaller than others, this gauge is really easy to move for quick set up.

It is compatible with a large variety of machines since it comes with a T-slot retaining clip.

Unlike other more traditional miter bars, the adjusters are accessible from the top of the component making it much easier to mount to different saws.


  • -Easy adjustability
  • -Sturdy structure to hold material
  • -Quick set up allow you to get going in no time


  • -Requires more force
  • -Thinner steel
  • -Plastic parts may feel a little cheap

Big Horn Miter Gauge

The Big Horn Standard Track has a complete 180 degree range for all types of angled cuts.

This system comes with a no-friction slide bar with a sturdy locking washer that keeps any material secure while cutting.

This is a great lightweight and affordable option for those that are mostly cutting at common angles.

Even though this saw is able to be micro adjusted, the pins have pre-drilled holes to lock into place at the common angles.

If you need a miter gauge that can be used on different types of saws that can be set up quickly.

This is a sturdy option since it comes with set screws that tightly wound to the table saw track.

Unlike most gauges that use plastic washers, these top of the line screws are durable and, yet easily movable.

This Big Horn Miter Gauge is a huge upgrade from the ones that come with your saw.

 It can make cuts much more accurate and save you time as well.


  • -Extra tight screws
  • -Fully adjustable
  • -Heavy-duty


  • -Needs minor adjustments out of the box
  • -Slight drag
  • -Best for common angles


The best tool that can assist with any project is the Special Edition Incra Miter Gauge.

The accurate micro-adjustments make cross cutting easy and efficient, cutting out the step of measuring.

This gauge is easily customizable, which makes the price completely worth it.

Making sure to buy a quality miter gauge is extremely important because after all, an accessory should assist with your cuts, not make it harder.

Hopefully we were able to break down all your options, so you can choose the best tool for you.

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