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4 Best Gas Pole Saw In The Market Today

A pole saw is a great tool to help you prune your trees or trim overgrown branches.

Gas-powered pole saws can be the best tool for this because of many reasons. It is not limited by a cord or battery life. 

Today, we will go over the different types to help you choose the best saw to fit your needs.

The market for pole saws is growing everyday and it can be hard to find one that matches you.

We go over all the ins and outs of pole saws so you can choose a valuable tool to add to your arsenal.

A Quick Look

A pole saw is essentially a chainsaw, or saw blade on an extendable pole.

It can seem like a redundant product, but a pole saw basically allows you to have an extendable cutting arm for those high branches.

Not only is it able to reach high branches, but it is great for trimming shrubs as well.

A gas-powered pole saw is an optimal choice because it is cordless and heavy-duty.

They are slightly heavier, but they pack a power that cuts through thicker limbs.

A gas motor powers the chain on the saw leading to powerful and efficient cuts.

Many saws these days are multipurpose machines that have many extra features.

Next we will go over some of the basic attributes of a pole saw.

Understanding Your Pole Saw

Knowing about each part of your pole saw helps you choose the best product for you.

You may value some features over others, depending on the type of work you need to do.

The different types of pole saws have small differences in terms of how they operate, but the basic parts are the same.

Saw Pole

The saw pole is made to be lightweight and extend up to over 15 feet.

The two most common designs are a telescopic pole or an attachment pole.

The pole is usually made out of aluminum or other lightweight metals to keep the pole easily maneuverable.

Many saws come with a rubber or ergonomic grip for easier handling.

Saw Blade

The saw blade is either a mini chainsaw blade, or saw blade. The saw teeth are a part of the chain that rotates around the saw bar.

They range anywhere from 6 in. to 16 in. Different from chainsaws, a pole saw blade has teeth that are slightly sharper and longer.

This helps to make sawing easier and quicker, so you are not holding a pole up in the air for long periods of time.


The engine is the heart of the powered saw.

On most types the engines are on the bottom of the saw, but can also be located in the middle of the pole.

This helps to balance the saw better.

Gas-powered saws typically have larger engines that feature a primer and pull cord to start the engine.

This usually makes gas-powered saws the heaviest, making it more optimal for advanced or professional users.


This is what starts the saw and gets the chain to power up.

Gas powered saws usually require a primer and trigger, but electric saws only need a trigger to start.

This provides variable amounts of power to the pole saw blade.

Types of Pole Saws

There are manual saws and powered pole saws, but since we are finding the best gas-powered saw, we will go over the three types of powered saws.

The three types of powered saws include gas-powered saws, corded electric saws, and battery pole saws.

Depending on the level of maintenance and work you require, there will be an option that works best for you.

Before choosing a pole saw, it is important to determine what size of trees you need to trim and how often you need to trim or prune them.

There are manual saws and powered pole saws, but since we are finding the best gas-powered saw, we will go over the three types of powered saws.

The three types of powered saws include gas-powered saws, corded electric saws, and battery pole saws.

Depending on the level of maintenance and work you require, there will be an option that works best for you.

Before choosing a pole saw, it is important to determine what size of trees you need to trim and how often you need to trim or prune them.

Corded Electric Pole Saw

This type of pole saw is the most common type of pole saw, since it requires less maintenance than gas-powered saws.

 It also has a stable power source from the cord.

This can be a positive and negative aspect of the corded pole saw.

It may be slightly less powerful than a gas saw, but still has a powerful motor to get the job done.

The cord can also be limiting for some because it can get it the way of cutting.

Most come with a cord wrap, but it can still be hard to maneuver for newer users.

A great advantage of this type of saw is the reduced noise.

Gas-powered saws can make a lot of noise, but electric motors run quietly.

This is a great powerful option that can be used by home users and professions.

Battery Pole Saw

The battery pole saw is a great cordless option that is also usually the most expensive alternative.

This type of saw is more convenient to use because you do not need to worry about the cord getting in the way, or running out of gas.

 With a quick and easy charge, you are able to use your tool hassle-free.

This makes it great for home users and professionals.

Since this tool is battery operated it is slightly less powerful than its gas counterpart.

It is still a great option for those that have small or medium-sized branches to cut.

Since it is electric, it is also much quieter and easier to use in your backyard.

You do not need to worry about waking up or disturbing your neighbors.

A great feature that many battery-powered saws have is an interchangeable battery.

It is able to be used by many products, usually from the same brand.

If you need a hassle-free tool that still gets the job done, this is a great option.

Gas Pole Saw

The gas pole saw is the option most used by professionals. This is because it is the most powerful of the three and more heavy-duty as well.

One downside is that since it is powered by gas, the parts require more maintenance and routine cleaning to help the engine run smoothly.

This can be a hassle for some users.

The gas pole saw is usually loud to run, since it is powered by two different cycle engines.

It is most optimal for advanced users and professional landscapers that have a lot of trimming and pruning to do.

A gas-powered pole saw can hack through the branches with ease.

This option is also usually the heaviest option, but it is made with heavy-duty parts and is built to last.

They weigh anywhere from 15-35 pounds, depending on the size of the engine.

If you are worried about the weight, but still need a powerful saw, many of these saws also come with a shoulder strap.

This can help to reduce some of the weight and also stabilize the saw.

Even though there are other alternatives on the market, many people still turn to gas-powered pole saws for good reason.

They are extremely powerful and can make cutting and trimming limbs seem like an easy task. 

What to Look For in a Gas Pole Saw

At a glance

  • Power
  • Extendable
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable


For a gas pole saw this is extremely important. If you want a weaker saw, the electric ones are a better choice because of the maintenance.

Be sure that your saw has at least a 25cc 2-cycle engine that can get your work done.


Like the name suggests, a pole saw is used as an extension to help you cut.

Be sure to find a saw that is not wobbly at its maximum height.

To find the height that you need, measure the tallest branch that you need to cut.

Do not forget that your height is added as well.


Since this tool needs to be strong to cut through tough material, it is important to look for a product that has heavy-duty components.

The last thing you want is to keep replacing parts.

Make sure that the pole saw has a superior bar and chain, since this is what cuts the material. 

Easy to Maintain

This is important especially for gas saws.

Since it runs on both oil and gas, be sure that the components are easily detached or removed for easier cleaning.

Also, things like an automatic chain oiler and automatic chain tensioning functions can make it easier to maintain.


There are also extra features that can add to the convenience of your saw.

 Features such as an ergonomic handle, added accessories, shoulder strap, and others can help to make your life easier.

 When looking for a pole saw try to look for all the basic components before taking into consideration the extra features.

Remington 7 ft. Gas-Powered Pole Saw

The Remington Gas-powered pole saw is a powerful and dependable tool that features a 25cc 2-cycle engine.

The saw has an 8 in. bar, great for smaller to medium-sized branches.

The pole saw also has an extension pole that allows a maximum reach of 12 feet.

It is easily detached and attached for easy customization.

Even with its long reach and powerful engine, this saw only weighs 13.9 lbs., which is extremely lightweight for a gas-powered saw.

The Remington pole saw also features a trademarked quick start technology that allows for easier pull starts.

This lets you get to work quickly, without any delays.

The saw is made with durable parts that are made to last.

If you are worried about maintenance, this saw also comes with an automatic oiler that keeps the chain constantly lubricated.

The saw has a sleek design that is easy to maneuver, even for newer users.

If you are looking for a lightweight option that rips through your work in no time, look no further.


  • Powerful saw that gets the job done
  • Trademarked quick start technology
  • Lightweight design that can be used by any level of user


  • Chain needs to be loosened a bit before use
  • Chain oil flow needs to be increased slightly
  • Is more compact, which is not suitable for higher trees

Maxtra 15 ft. Gas Pole Saw

This Maxtra Gas-powered Pole Saw is a heavy-duty tool that can make your work feel effortless.

It features an incredible 42.7cc 2-stroke engine that helps you save time and energy.

It is a slightly heavier pole saw weighing 22 pounds, but has a bigger engine as well as an expansive extendable pole.

The pole saw comes with an extension pole that cuts branches up to 14 ft. high. The pole is easily adjusted with its quick release connector.

The saw also features a longer bar length of 10 in., which is able to cut through branches up to 8 in. in diameter.

A great distinguishing feature of this saw is added convenience.

The saw features an air filter that protects the engine.

It also comes with a centrifugal clutch that allows the saw to start safely and easily. Another additional feature the saw comes with is the shoulder strap.

Even though this saw is slightly heavier, the strap helps to bear some of the weight.

 This is a reliable and durable product that trims your branches effortlessly.


  • Quick start up for more convenient use
  • Shoulder strap helps to stabilize saw
  • Heavy-duty components made to last


  • Heavy tool that may not be suitable for beginners
  • Can be hard to assemble
  • Chain tension loosens quickly

Poulan Pro 8 in. Gas-Powered Pole Saw

The Poulan Pro Gas-Powered Pole Saw is an easy-to-use product that is great for home users and professionals.

The tool only weighs 14 lbs., but with the 28cc 2-stroke engine, the saw has great power for effortless cutting.

This saw features a slightly smaller 8 in.

cutting bar, but is still great for smaller to medium branches up to 6 in. wide.

The saw features an easy spring assisted starter for faster use.

The saw also comes with an auto return stop switch, that rests the saw to start again easily.

A great feature that separates this tool from the rest is its attachment capabilities.

 The saw comes with a trimmer attachment, and is also compatible with 6 other attachments.

This is a great versatile tool that can get a wide variety of tasks done.


  • Versatile with additional attachment capabilities
  • Easy start every time
  • Extremely easy to set up


  • Can bog down at certain angles
  • Slightly shorter extension length
  • Contains plastic components

TrimmerPlus 8 in. Gas Pole Saw

The TrimmerPlus Gas-powered Pole Saw is a great affordable saw that still gets the job done.

It is extremely lightweight, weighing only around 4 pounds.

This is great for any level of user, and does not lead to any user fatigue.

Even being so light, the pole reaches up to 12 feet and includes 2 extension sections.

This allows for added customization.

The saw also features an 8 in. bar and chain that also has an automatic oiler.

The chain is powered with a powerful engine that can cut through even harder woods.

This saw is also attachment capable to many different trimming heads from TrimmerPlus.

This adds to the versatility of the tool and can be great if you have different tasks to complete.

Even though this is a less expensive option, the quality of the saw is superior.


  • Ultra lightweight tool for easy use
  • Comes with automatic chain oiler
  • Compatible with different trimmer heads


  • Comes with plastic components
  • Chain needs some adjusting before use
  • Basic model without many extra features

Final Thoughts

It may seem like a lot of these pole saws are practically the same.

It is true that many of these saws come with similar features,

 but the one that stands out to us is the TrimmerPlus 8 in. Gas Pole Saw.


It is a simple and basic model at an affordable price that still gets the job done.

It also is able to be used by any level of user, making this a great all around product.

Hopefully this guide helped you narrow down the best options for you. We wish you happy trimming!

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