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6 Best Chainsaw Oil In The Market Today

When purchasing a chainsaw you also have to remember to get chainsaw oil.

Some people think you can skimp and use regular motor oil, but that is not true and will end up damaging your chainsaw in the long run.

Chainsaws need oil that is a bit stickier than motor oil.

With a proper and effective lubricant your chainsaw will last longer and cut easier too.

What Does Chainsaw Oil Do?

The best chainsaw in the world cannot function properly without a proper supply of bar and chain oil.

The main thing chainsaw oil does is that it lubricates the two components that rub together, the bar and chain.

Think about it this way, would you run a metal fork in a non-stick pan (if you do you better stop)?

This creates more friction and heat and will potentially damage your pan (obviously removing the non-stick component as well).

Now imagine your bar and chain rubbing together on a power-tool that's meant for chopping wood like butter.

 It will definitely ruin the chainsaw and you will have to spend more money in repairing it or perhaps buying a new one.

It is important to mention that you cannot use any type of oil as well (as stated previously).

The oil has to have the right amount of composition and viscosity. 

Is it Ok to Run a Chainsaw with Bar Oil or Chain Oil?

HELL NO. We wanted to answer this question right away so you can make the right choice without ruining your chainsaw.

No lubrication on the bar and chain will basically ruin your $300 chainsaw.

Remember it is METAL on METAL, and without any type of substance to make it run smoothly it will be a recipe for disaster.

Here are other things that could happen if you do not use proper chainsaw oil for your chainsaw:

Slower Moving Blades

You can expect your chainsaw to not have an optimal performance while running it with any chainsaw oil.

More friction between the bar and chain means that there will be less RP.

This also leads to a hotter chainsaw (imagine your chainsaw smoking in 100 degree weather).

More Fuel Consumption

When you use chainsaw oil, you are also helping the fuel run more efficiently.

When you don’t use chainsaw oil you make your chainsaw consume more fuel.

Without oil, the chainsaw has to work harder, the bar and chain are in constant touch so it does not run easily.

More force and energy will be needed for the bar and chain to rotate (with no oil) thus you have a major increase in the amount of fuel you will be using.

Safety Hazards

A big reason why you do not run a chainsaw without chainsaw oil is for your own safety.

It is a regular habitat to check your chainsaw oil.

 A good rule of thumb, that all professionals follow, is to not run your chainsaw on low chain oil.

So remember to always top it off and make sure you use the proper chainsaw oil, not motor oil, cooking oil, or coconut oil (that will probably look better on your skin).

Things to Consider When Buying Chainsaw Oil

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when buying chainsaw oil:

  • How many times will I use the chainsaw? (Once a week? Three times a week? Once in a blue moon?)
  • How is the temperature in the environment you are in? (Is it cold? Hot? Humid?)
  • Are you concerned with the environment? (Eco-friendly oils are a few cents more but it is definitely worth considering because of global warming)
  • How much is it per gallon? (Money talks and I feel like having to spend more on “maintenance items” is a turn off for most consumers)

With all those thoughts considered it is our goal to provide you with an easy guide on the best chainsaw oil to pick. We have tested these products ourselves with chainsaws that have and have not been lubricated.

 We are excited and happy to inform you with our results so you can have the best experience with your chainsaw.

This way you do not have to worry about trying out all the oils to find which one you like, we did it for you!

Before we start the reviews it is an important reminder that you also occasionally upkeep your chainsaw.

Including adding oil and fuel every week, you will need to check the spark plugs, blades, etc.

and make sure they are in tip top shape (electric powered chainsaws are an exception).

One last reminder is to not use recycled motor engine oil.

We have already expressed that you should only use chainsaw oil, but we have found that people use recycled motor engine oil to save money.

 Even though it will save you money temporarily, using chainsaw oil is the best practice.

The recycled motor engine oil contains small metal pieces.

You already know how we feel with metal on metal contact, so if an oil has small metal pieces you can only imagine what would happen if you consistently used it.

STP Tools and Chainsaw Oil Treatment

With STP Tools and Chainsaw Oil Treatment you help maintain your bar and chain performance for chainsaws.

This chainsaw oil is one of our recommended and affordable products that we believe anyone can use.

It is a premium chainsaw oil used by many power-tool users.

With its anti-wear technology, it will help reduce wear and tear with the bar and chain.

Also has a tackifier to minimize oil throw-off and will minimize resin buildup so you will have easier cuts.

You can use this chainsaw oil for both the chainsaw bars and the chains.

This oil is ready to use as you open it.

An important reminder is to not confuse this with engine lubrication oil, this is completely different and will not help the engine.

This chainsaw oil is not biodegradable so make sure you store it and dispose of it safely, otherwise too much of it can damage the environment permanently. 


  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Provides anti-wear technology to help preserve the performance and strength of chainsaws
  • Tackifier to combat resin buildup (this will help you to have consistent easy cuts)
  • Relatively low in price with a decent bottom layer of protection


  • Non-biodegradable (so store and dispose properly)
  • Site advertises product as a gallon but is only a quart so make sure you check the description
  • Needs a funnel to pour into the chainsaw oil area

Mag 1 Bar and Chain Oil

The Mag 1 Bar and Chain Oil provides great value for the amount of chainsaw oil you get when purchasing.

It provides protection against wear and tear for the bar and chain.

This chainsaw oil has anti-wear additives and high adhesion which will protect your chainsaw from more friction.

It also has a tackiness agent which helps keep the oil on the chain in high temperatures or when the operator is using the chainsaw at high speeds.

It has an operating temperature ranging from -35 degrees to 140 degrees F. Sadly it is not water resistant.

This brand is also produced in the USA, so just know when purchasing this chainsaw oil your American dollar is going towards an American made product.

 It also reaches the US TSCA standards so this chainsaw oil has been graded and tested. 


  • Provides a tackiness agent that makes the oil stay on the chain at high temps and speeds.
  • American made and reaches an American standard.
  • Has a variety of temperature ranges.


  • From our testing we have noticed that the oil is a little bit thinner than other chainsaw oils.
  • Good for lighter chainsaws, maybe not that great for heavy duty chainsaws.

Husqvarna 610000023 Bar

Husqvarna is a veteran brand in the chainsaw industry.

Many professionals use this brand daily and recommended it for those who are beginning to use it. 

From our test it works well with all chainsaws.

The oil is made up of a premium blend of base stocks and with tackifier additives.

This guarantees to reduce your chances of having high-speed throw-off that happens in other oils. 

It ensures that the oil will stay on the chain and bar.

When you use this oil you ensure that you are providing a quality chainsaw oil that will keep your chainsaw in its best shape and performance.

In addition to its added tackiness this oil will minimize the friction and heat generated from using your chainsaw.

It provides your chainsaw the ability to run efficiently but also at higher performance, compared to other chainsaw oils.


  • Has more tackier additive than other oils which reduces high-speed throw-off
  • Helps prolong the life of the chainsaw’s saw, bar, chain, and sprocket
  • Proven to optimize the cutting performance of the saw and reduces heat and friction


  • This oil is thicker than some and maybe throw you off
  • It’s best to use this oil when you can, it seems to deteriorate in quality after sitting on the shelves for a few years.


The HUSQVARNA FOREST is a chainsaw oil meant for Husqvarna products.

 From our testing we notice that this oil is very thick.

This oil, compared to other brands, has a lower high speed throw-off rate.

Being that it is very thick and has base stocks plus multiple tackifier additives, it is a great chainsaw oil that helps optimize the performance of the chainsaw.

It helps reduce heat and friction which helps make the chainsaw last longer but also helps the chainsaw cut through objects easier and quicker.


  • This oil was made by Husqvarna and meant for their products so you know this is designed for the best use.
  • Provides support to optimize the performance and longevity of chainsaws.
  • High reduction of heat and friction from the chain and bar.


  • Meant for Husqvarna products specifically so be careful when using with other brands.
  • It is cheaper in stores than online.

Poulan Pro 952030204

The Poulan Pro 952030204 is regularly purchased by the logging industry.

This chainsaw oil is meant for users in the logging industry.

With its unique compound it provides lubricate for chainsaws but also prevents rusting.

It also works well on lowering the temperature of the chainsaw when it is at peak temperatures to help the chainsaw run smoothly.

We have been using this oil for a few years on a variety of chainsaws and from our experience we can safely say this chainsaw oil is a good pick for those of high-powered chainsaws.


  • Rust prevention but also provides great optimization for chainsaws.
  • Helps control temperature of chainsaws.


  • Looks like you can find this in store for a better price potentially.
  • Color of the oil is not red anymore, so it is hard to see when putting it into the bar.

Oregon 54-059

The Oregon 54-059 is a chainsaw oil that is great for any type of chainsaw.

 It works well with hedge trimmers, gas or electric chainsaws, and any other slide bar applications. 

It can be used in any season as it is made to endure the seasons and your chainsaw.

Provides extra tackiness and helps prevent throw-off in even the harshest weather conditions.

It has been formulated and filtered to help increase the power of your chainsaw but also to make your chainsaw run efficiently.

An added feature is that it helps protect your chainsaw from rust.


  • An all-season chainsaw oil lubricant that is made to endure.
  • Provides rust protection
  • Increase efficiency of chainsaw


  • A bit on the higher end of chainsaw oils
  • The oil is a bit too thick for smaller saws (40cc or less) so be careful.

Final Thoughts

If you still haven’t decided on a chainsaw oil we recommend you pick the Husqvarna 610000023 Bar.

Generally speaking it has worked well on the all the chainsaw brand we tested on, so it is universal.

It has just the right amount of thickness and tackiness so your chainsaw will run at tip top performance.

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