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6 Best Chainsaw Mill In The Market Today

If you’re looking to save money on creating your own furniture then getting a chainsaw mill will help you a lot.

Instead of paying that extra amount at the lumber mill,

you can use that extra cash to buy your own chainsaw mill and save even more money while making your own lumber.

What is a Chainsaw Mill

The basic definition of a chainsaw mill is a type of sawmill that uses a chainsaw to mill logs into lumber for use in construction, furniture, and other uses.

In plain terms that means a chainsaw mill helps you turn logs/wood into processed wood (beams or planks).

Chainsaw mills are also called Portamill or Alsakan mill.

So when you use a chainsaw mill you are using a metal apparatus that enhances your chainsaw into a portable lumber mill.

This means you can turn trees you just cut down into lumber in no time.

When using a chainsaw mill for the first time you need to place the log into a position that is steady.

Make sure it's a flat surface that isn’t downhill (you don’t want to end up as a sketch for a Looney Toons episode).

Usually people put the logs on smaller logs or two stumps.

With a guide board (some have these some don’t) place it on top of the log and this will help you maintain a parallel cut with the log as you move your chainsaw.

The guide board, with the metal frame of the chainsaw mill will help hold your chainsaw in place as you cut through the log.

After sawing through both ends you will end up with a fresh piece of lumber (you’ll also be surprised if this is your first time turning logs into lumber, it’s really fun).

With the design of a chainsaw mill, you are guaranteed to make perfect cuts by hand and not have to worry about going to a sawmill.

Going to a sawmill costs more time and money if you are just trying to get a few pieces of lumber.

Since you’re already cutting some trees down you might as well save time and money and invest into a chainsaw mill to make your own lumber.

This way you don’t have to worry about loading up the logs, securing them in the truck, and worry about unloading once at the saw mill. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Chainsaw Mill

Here we list out things you need to consider when you buy a chainsaw mill.

Our quick guide will make sure you have no questions left and consider everything you need to know.

Cutting Depth

This feature is something you need to think about while cutting your logs.

This will help you determine the minimum amount of thickness of the wood you’re cutting.

Your cutting depth is usually determined by the length of your saw.

Bar Fittings/Capacity

Your bar size is very important in choosing what chainsaw mill you will buy.

Bar size vary between which models you decide to buy.

 Make sure your chainsaw mill is compatible with your chainsaw.

Sad to say, but chainsaw bars cannot be extended.

If you buy a chainsaw mill and it does not fit with your chainsaw size you will have to return that chainsaw mill and buy another one (we do not want you to waste your time, so double check before purchasing).

Durability and Quality

The chainsaw mill you decide to get needs to be sturdy and tough.

If you plan on using this occasionally make sure to double check what materials are used to make the chainsaw mill.

Generally speaking, aluminum made chainsaw mills are super lightweight and portable.

On the other hand steel made chainsaw mills are more durable. With that knowledge make sure you know what you want and need while grabbing one.

The main reason we recommend the battery pole saw is the added convenience.

 Many come with additional features, so with a single charge, you are able to get all your tasks done and out of the way.

This valuable investment can greatly reduce stress on your body and mind with its superior performance. 

Your Budget

In our guide the most expensive chainsaw mill cost around $150. In general, chainsaw mills vary from $80 all the way up to $1600.

Things to consider for your budget are your project requirements.

If you are planning to use a chainsaw mill daily it may not be a good idea to get a cheap chainsaw mill.

If you plan on only doing this once every blue moon then look to invest a few more dollars in a higher quality chainsaw mill so you have no issues using it.


We have tested all chainsaw mill products we recommend.

We do not recommend you to use a chainsaw mill if you plan on using it daily.

Though the chainsaw mill is a great tool for DIYers and home users, if you plan to use it 8 hours a day as a job, you may want to consider a different product.

Chainsaw mills are not designed to turn an insane amount of logs into lumber.

Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill 14-36 Inch P

The Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill 14-36 Inch P is an affordable chainsaw mill that has steel and aluminum in their designs.

It is just as reliable as the American brands, but the main difference is that it is super lightweight.

From our tests we found that this was easier to move around and (with prior experience) a relatively smooth setup for those who are experienced chainsaw mill users.

This chainsaw mill allows you to cut up to 36” wide and 13” thick of logs.

Our tests have shown that this chainsaw mill provides the same amount of stability, durability, and strength compared to the heavier chainsaw mills.

One of the problems we found, that isn’t necessarily about the chainsaw mill, is the lack of instructions given.

The instruction manual was pretty hard to understand, unless you have built a chainsaw mill before, so be on the lookout for a video to help you set up this beast of a chainsaw mill.

Other than that once this is setup you will thank yourself for buying this chainsaw mill.


  • Cheaper than most of the smaller model chainsaw mills
  • Lightweight and can be used alone


  • Hard to setup if you have not used one before
  • For more heavy duty work you may need another person to operate this chainsaw mill

Granberg MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with 30" Rails (Model G778-30)

The Granberg MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with 30" Rails (Model G778-30) is a chainsaw mill meant for heavy duty work.

Great for larger jobs and logs that require you to make a lot of lumber. Since it is meant for a substantial amount of work it is a bit heavier (18lbs).

Still 18lbs is nothing to worry about because you’ll be making lumber in no time. With all chainsaw mills we do time how long it takes to set up.

For this chainsaw mill we were able to set it up within the hour.

Instructions were clear and easy to follow but we like to mention that we have experience setting up chainsaw mills (so it might take beginners a few more minutes). 

This chainsaw mill was made in the USA, so when you purchase it your money is going back into the American economy.

Made with high-quality American grade steel, you will be using the chainsaw mill for a while.

It basically pays for itself. Another great feature is the anti-vibration design.

Since it is a bit heavier than other chainsaw mills it helps keep the chainsaw and frame from vibrating.

This gives you an easier and better cut without the worries of a shaking frame.


  • Quick assembly, within the hour for our own timed test.
  • American made product with American steel
  • Anti-vibration design


  • On the pricier side of chainsaw mills
  • Heavier than other models
  • May need another person to help use it

Haddon Lumbermaker

With the Haddon Lumbermaker you will be able to make lumber in your garage no problems.

This is one of our lightest chainsaw mills, coming in at 4lbs.

This will be able to be attached to any regular chainsaw and make lumber cutting very easy and minimal.

This small tool helps you cut in a straight line with a 2x4-inch or 2x6-inch board.

We recommend getting a ripping chain while using this chainsaw mill.

 It will help your cuts be smoother and help your chainsaw run a bit better with this added accessory.

The manual that comes with this chainsaw mill is very helpful and provides great insight on how to make lumber for first time users.


  • Quick and easy install (literally just bolt it on your chainsaw and you are good to go)
  • Our lightest recommended chainsaw mill for new users.
  • Straightforward and really simple to use for beginners.


  • Not meant for heavy duty work
  • Lumber may catch on it occasionally

ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill, Model# G777, Orange

The ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill, Model# G777, Orange is a lot another great beginner chainsaw mill.

With a straightforward and easy setup anyone can use this to make lumber quickly and easy.

This chainsaw mill works with chainsaw bars between 16” and 20”.

The recommended machine power is 50cc. You can cut up to 13” thick and start from ½” thick.

An added feature that isn’t usually given to most chainsaw mills is the clear safety guard.

It is made out of polycarbonate so it will block any wood chips that fly towards your face.

This material is tough and durable against wood so it will not break easily (also easily replaceable).

The chainsaw mill itself is made in the U.S. from zinc-plated steel and aircraft aluminum.

If you have not used a chainsaw mill and would like to get into it, this chainsaw mill may be the best for you.


  • Lightest chainsaw mill we recommend (less than 1lb)
  • Easy install and easy to use for beginners and pros
  • Clear polycarbonate safety guard to protect you


  • Not meant for logs thicker than 13”
  • A bit pricey for a small tool

Timber Tuff TMW-56 Lumber Cutting Guide (Fоur Расk)

The Timber Tuff TMW-56 Lumber Cutting Guide (Fоur Расk) is a budget-friendly chainsaw mill option.

For around $115 you get a four pack of these so you can teach your wife, kids, and brother how to cut log into lumber.

This design is very similar to the Haddon Lumbermaker mentioned previously.

With the additional guideboard, that has to be around 2 x 6”, you attach your chainsaw with the board and just follow it.

Basically it is like a rectangle stencil for logs.

It is crafted from heavy-duty steel and it has resistance from corrosion with its powder coat.


  • You get 4 of these cutting guides
  • Heavy duty steel
  • Great for beginners and home projects


  • A new product that has not been tested by multiple groups
  • The guideboard is a bit of restriction since you cannot cut any bigger than the board

Chainsaw Mill Portable Chainsaw

This chainsaw mill is manufactured from Imony.

It is made out of 304 stainless steel and aluminum.

This chainsaw mill can fit chainsaws with bar lengths from 10” to 36”.

The instructions that come with this chainsaw mill are really easy to follow for beginners and pros.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty. 

From our tests we have found that bigger chainsaw bars work better on this chainsaw mill, so make sure to keep that in mind.

Price wise, this chainsaw mill is relatively affordable for the quality and tool you get.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy setup, just clamp onto the chainsaw
  • High quality for an affordable price


  • Not made in the USA
  • Customer service issues with company

Final Thoughts

If you are still having trouble on which chainsaw mill to pick we will give you our quick picks for beginners and pros.

For beginners we recommend the Haddon Lumbermaker, it is really easy to setup and use.

Great to practice and learn how to work your way up into heavy duty chainsaw mills.

For pros we would recommend the Granberg MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with 30" Rails (Model G778-30).

 An American made product with high-quality materials and features.

From our tests we have found that both of these chainsaw mills are the best for overall use.

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