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6 Best Chainsaw Gloves In The Market Today

Using any type of heavy duty power tool, especially chainsaws you definitely should wear protective equipment.

Anything out of your control could happen and your life could be in danger.

To help combat this danger we’ve compiled a list of the best chainsaw gloves that will protect you from losing your hands, or hiding your fingerprints.

What Do Chainsaw Gloves Do?

Before we give you our tip picks for safety, we have to “saw” through how and why chainsaw gloves protect you.

Just like how doctors wear PPE (Personal Protective equipment) items like masks and gloves to combat covid-19 (you should too), power tool operators have to wear PPE when using high powered equipment like chainsaws.

In addition to helmets, protective glasses, earplugs/headphones, etc. chainsaw gloves are just as important and necessary while operating a chainsaw.

Chainsaw gloves protect you because there are stacks on stacks of protective fabric that basically stop the chainsaw from cutting through your hand. 2 important layers we are going to talk about are:

Inside Layer

This inside layer contains materials like Prolar, Kevlar(yes like the bullet proof vests), nylon, etc.

and this protects your precious hands from getting dirty and from getting sliced like butter.

These materials are put together to make long loose fibers that make it possible to cover your handle and resistant toward a blade.

Outside Layer

Similar to the inside layer materials, the outside layer is also added protection against trivial damage.

It’s made to protect you against environmental hazards, abrasion, tear, water resistant, and cut resistant.

With this high-level design, if a chainsaw chain comes in contact with the glove, it will cut up to the outer layer. After the inner fibers are exposed it will cause the chainsaw to stop running. It does this by wrapping around the drive sprocket of the chainsaw, which then creates a solid lock.

This will protect your hand from the chainsaw and leave you unscathed, while you chop off the head of a zombie (protection against zombie bites as well).

Clearly chainsaw gloves are a must to operate a chainsaw safely and the gloves. We advise to not operate a chainsaw without gloves. It is very important to follow all guidelines when operating any power tool.


Best Features to Look for in Chainsaw Gloves

In general looking for any type of gloves you want it to fit you comfortably.

For chainsaw gloves you’ll have to give up a bit of comfort, but that's worth the amount of safety and reassurance you’ll get from having that added layer of protection.

The main traits you want to look for in chainsaw gloves are strength, durability, dexterity, and flexibility (kind of sound like stats for an RPG).

With that being said you want to pick chainsaw gloves that allow you to move as much as you can while protecting you as much as possible.

When picking gloves you’ll want to think about all the materials that are used in chainsaw gloves. The materials are

  • Kevlar :  A popular choice among people, this material is found in the stitching of chainsaw gloves and bulletproof vests. It reinforces the seams and joints with more than twice the tensile strength of polyester or nylon aka hella thicc. 
  • Prolar : This is the material that will save your hands from becoming like Dr. Strange’s hands. It jams the sprocket when it makes contact with the chainsaw chain.
  • Leather : This is great and ideal for heavy duty work. It provides a high level of protection against the chainsaw. Leather has the rare ability of having a high grip level in wet conditions. So if you’re using a chainsaw in the winter for a christmas tree it can keep you safe and go down the chimney as Santa. It will assl reduce the amount of accidents and injuries you’ll have.
  • Goatskin : Usually found on the palm of chainsaw gloves. Goatskin is great for gloves because it has strong resistance to cuts. Also great for people with sweaty hands and great for comfortability. Goatskin has been known to suck up moisture but also still be comfortable to wear. 

The Right Size for You

When picking a chainsaw glove, you want to make sure you pick gloves that aren’t too big or too small.

They need to be just the right size. Our advice is to go into your local hardware, yard work, handyman store etc.

and try on a few sizes to get a feel of what size range feels like. The size options that are usually offer include:

  • Extra-Small, Small, Medium
  • Large, Extra Large, and Extra Extra Large 

Husqvarna 579380210 Functional Saw Protection Gloves

For light protection against a chainsaw, the Husqvarna 579380210 Functional Saw Protection Gloves are a good pick for those that use battery powered chainsaws.

Comes in the color of gray, orange, and black you’ll match with the season of fall.

The left glove is purposely bigger than the right glove because of the added protection.

This glove is great from yard work around the house and provides a good amount of protection against branches, logs, and chainsaws.

The bottom half of the glove is where most of the protection is located.

While the top half is not as sturdy it provides flexibility for the operator but also is stylish.

For your glove size you may want to size down, as they do run a bit big from our own experience.

This glove is also pretty lightweight so it will feel like you’re basically handling a chainsaw with your bare hands, but in reality you’ll have a good amount of protection without losing much comfortability. 


  • Lightweight gloves they provide much flexibility
  • Easy to see and spot with the bright orange color
  • Husqvarna is a trusted brand in the power tool community
  • Relatively low in price with a decent bottom layer of protection


  • Not as durable as other protective chainsaw gloves
  • Not much protection on the top side which may be necessary for other heavy duty tasks
  • Gloves run a size bigger so we had to wait for the next order before vetting it
  • Sacrifices safety for flexibility, so this may not be the chainsaw glove for you if you’re moving 100lbs logs daily.

Oregon Large Chain Saw Safety Gloves

If you’re looking for chainsaw gloves that are a bit thicker than others, then this is the pick you’re looking for.

With the wrist being black and the majority of the glove being white and orange you have thick gloves that are great for protection from bushes, roses, and any home yard work you would have.

It has a decent amount of kevlar on the top of the gloves so you will be protected if the saw hits there.

The wrist knit it's really nice as we tossed wood into the wood chipper, the knits prevented any wood chips from getting into the glove itself (yay no splinters).

After breaking them in they become more comfortable and easy to move in.

Relativity is cheap for an added layer of protection so you can work worry free while providing maintenance to your yard.

These gloves are certified to meet EN 381-7 Class 0:16 (m/s) standards, they’re capable of protecting you from most chainsaw accidents.


  • Certified to a strict safety standard
  • Got leather palms that is double reinforced
  • These gloves are more affordable but do not lack quality like most cheap gloves.


  • Closed cuffs may be a good thing for some and a bad things for others
  • The top left glove top hand is reinforced
  • When buying do not forget that the left gloves is bigger so it may fit tighter than the right (so leftys be on the lookout for a left hand version as this one is for right hand dominant people)

Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70

Even though the Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70 comes from Youngstown General Utility Gloves, they are a great competitor against Husqvarna.

This chainsaw glove comes with synthetic materials completely lined with Kevlar - another mention about how Kevlar is used to deflect bullets- you can be sure that this type of material will protect you against chainsaw accidents like kickback.

Along with that these gloves have a ANSI Cut Level 3 and Level 4 certification in Puncure, these Youngstown will definitely keep your hands safe but also allow you the work you need to do.

These gloves also come with non-slip reinforcement on the fingers, thumb pad, and palm.

Even in wet conditions like rain or snow you will not lose grip of your chainsaw with these gloves.

The main reason we do not have this pick as our number 1, after vetting hundreds and hundreds of gloves, we found that the glove size of this runs small.

We had to wait a few days before we could vet this because of the sizing difference. 


  • Glove if lined with Kevlar Fiber
  • There is high cut/puncture protection from the ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • With the added non-slip reinforcement it adds more durability and grip when tried out in rain or snow


  • Sizing is tough so try to find one in store and try out then you can order online if they do not have your size.
  • The stitching could be a bit more durable (after a few tests some gloves were torn some were not)

Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves

You know how in the early morning/late night it’s really hard to see your hands, let alone operate power tools.

With these bright highlighter yellow (fashionable now) Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves you’ll be able to navigate your chainsaw much easier.

These chainsaw gloves meet the EN 381:1999 Class 0 standard, basically they’re really durable and great for safety.

Goatskin leather and nylon/lycra are the materials that used to make this glove.

 This gives the gloves the ability of being water-repellent and comfortable as well (good for people with sweaty hands).


  • Goatskin leather is great material
  • On the top side there is Lycra fabric which is a good safety material


  • The palms may be slippery for some
  • Singers and palms are regular polyurethane

Husqvarna 579380209

Being this a Husqvarna product, they have gained a mini following that believe their products are the best.

After our venting and testing we came to a similar conclusion with these gloves.

The Husqvarna 579380209 comes with nylon neoprene knuckles (most gloves do not), double-layered goat leather palm, and on the top of the glove there is foam laminated spandex.

With these combinations you get comfortability and durability in these gloves.


  • The trigger finger is double reinforced
  • Goat leather on the palm makes your grip extra firm


  • Pricey than others
  • From our trials the fingertips did have some swear through

Oregon 91305M

These gloves featured palms that are double-reinforced palms and smoother leather that is construction grade.

These gloves are reasonably priced and are capable of protecting your hands (and hiding your fingerprints) from being damaged.


  • High quality gloves but still affordable
  • Palms are double-reinforced with goat leather


  • Top left glove is the only part reinforced by more material
  • Sizing is a bit off for our test.

Final Thoughts

If you’re still unsure about what the best chainsaw gloves are then we recommend picking the Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70.

After vetting through the rest of the gloves this is our best pick.

It has the best stats all around, but is still comfortable and flexible to use.

In addition this glove provides the most safety in regards to the list we’ve provided.

Remember when using any chainsaw you should be wearing protective gear.

Chainsaw gloves are no exception so make sure to get a full set with gloves and you’ll be set for the zombie apocalypse. 

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