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5 Best Chainsaw Chaps In The Market Today

When using power tools, it is very important to be safe and have the right protection gear.

Especially with chainsaws, they are made to cut through wood and metal like butter (imagine how it will work against human bones).

 We have vetted and tested through the best chainsaw chaps and have a quick and easy guide for you to help pick your own.

What are Chainsaw Chaps?

Chainsaw chaps are protective gear that you usually wear over your pants.

The material that is used to make chainsaw chaps protects you against trivial damage like water, wood chips, splinters, etc., but they also stop chainsaws from sawing through your body.

Just like gloves, chainsaw chaps are made with protective materials that have multiple layers of kevlar or ballistic nylon.

These layers have long and loose fibers that will wrap around the chainsaw’s drive socket, which means it’ll stop the chainsaw from running.

Though your chaps and gloves may be ruined, you will be alive to get new ones.

Chainsaw chaps usually cover the front lower half of your body and sometimes your back as well.

Your legs will remain unscathed and you will be able to walk another day.

Types of Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw chaps come in two types:


Aprons are generally for people who use power tools around the house.

If you’re doing yard work or small projects at home aprons are great for you.

Aprons are lighter than chaps and are usually cheaper. The downside of using aprons (besides feeling like a chef, which is a pro) is that it only protects the front half of your body.

 If you aren’t doing heavy duty work then an apron is your pick for chainsaw chaps.

Wrap-around chaps

On the other hand if you are a lumberjack and work with power tools on the daily then wrap-around chaps are a must.

Wrap-around chaps provide you safety in the front and back of your legs.

Some downsides are that these chaps are usually heavier and bulkier.

In the summer it’s a bit of a pain to wear because of how high temperatures can reach.

Even if that is the case, safety should still be one of your top concerns so take that into consideration.

Honorable Mention

Another type of protection gear that falls similar to chainsaw chaps are chainsaw pants.

With our own experience (testing and vetting) we found that they are not too different than chainsaw chaps.

Chainsaw pants are usually worn by professionals who work in high-risk environments and usually are professionals in the field of power tools.

If you are a professional then chainsaw pants are worth looking into.

Otherwise if you are not a professional then chainsaw chaps provide enough safety and are just as durable as chainsaw pants.

Safety Materials in Chainsaw Chaps

When you’re thinking “what are the best chainsaw chaps I can pick?”, 

it is important to look into the material that is used in making chainsaw chaps.

The best chainsaw chaps have multiple layers of protection, durable, and made from high-quality materials.

Here are the variety of different materials:

  • Tek Warp : This material is cut-retardant and cannot be sliced by a blade. One struck by a blade it is designed to pull apart and clog the chainsaw. This stops the saw from operating. Usually found in Husqvarna chainsaw chaps and pants. 
  • Kevlar : A strong, heat-resistant fiber made in 1965 (also used in bullet proof vests). Producers use Kevlar because of how light and thin this material is compared to other traditional protective materials. 
  • Nylon : This material is a synthetic polymer which means it’s stretchy and malleable. Since Nylon is stretchy it allows it to easily wrap around the drive sprocket.
  • PVC : This material is actually a coating on the outer layer of your chaps. It is used to deflect oil, water, and to make your chaps more slick. 


Made from petroleum, air, and water, this material is flexible in providing a perfect.

 It has been developed in a lab and can be used to wrap around drive sprockets as well.

When it comes time to pick the best chainsaw chaps for you make sure you consider all the pros and cons of each material.

 Generally speaking, for new users, the more layers chainsaw chaps have the better.

 This just means there is more material protecting you from getting hurt.

It also increases the chances of jamming the chainsaw mechanism that would otherwise hurt you.

In addition you may come across the term “Denier”, when purchasing chainsaw chaps.

 Denier is a unit of measurement to define how thick the individual fibers are when they are formed.

 They range from 400 to 1000 denier.

Now that you have all the information you need to know about qualities in the best chainsaw chaps, we can get into our reviews.

Here you can make your pick on what you think is the best chainsaw chaps for you.

Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 36 to 38-Inch

Husqvarna is a popular brand among regular power tool users so this chainsaw chap is definitely worth looking into.

The Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 36 to 38-Inch is great for your average size person.

 It is also really affordable compared to our other recommended chainsaw chaps.

This chainsaw chap also comes in bigger sizes.

PVC coated denier polyester is the main material used on this chainsaw chap.

Also Tek warp protective layers are included which will pull apart if this chap comes into contact with the chainsaw chain.

These chainsaw chaps are easy to put on and take off (wear these over your existing pants).

We tested this chainsaw chap out on one of our own and got amazing results.

 Disclaimer do not purposely put a running chainsaw on your leg.

With our extreme test the pants were able to stop the chainsaw and not even leave a bruise on our user’s leg.

These pants are definitely durable and strong.


  • Zombie bites will not get through this material and neither will a saw.
  • Easy to put on and take off, but also comfortable and secure.
  • Proven to work on an actual saw and the material stops the saw from causing harm.


  • Waist size is dependent on the person, but waist extenders are available.
  • Clip replacements for the pants are $14 so it is pricey to replace.
  • Be careful while working in the summer with these on, it raises your body temperature a lot because of all the added layers.

Husqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps Protective Functional Leg Wear

Basically the Husqvarna 587160702 Chain Saw Chaps Protective Functional Leg Wear is almost identical to the Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 36 to 38-Inch.

The main difference is that these chainsaw chaps are gray and black.

It gives you the slick and camouflage look since it is not bright orange.

With that being said it comes with all the same benefits and materials as the previous chainsaw chaps mentioned.

This means that if a saw got into these pants the fibers would be really long when they came apart and basically wrapped around the chainsaw to stop it from operating.

We also tested chainsaws on these pants and found similar results.

We have to reiterate that these pants are great for protection and safety.

When using chainsaws these pants have traits you should look for in other brands.


  • Multiple sizes and color
  • Provides a sleek dark look (if you don’t like standing out like a cone)
  • Meets ASTM, ANSI, and OSHA Standards


  • Waist size may need an extender depending on the individual
  • These pants are dark so if you are working at night it may be a better choice to grab the orange chaps.
  • Stated before but the buckles are an expensive replacement if you lose them, $14 each.

Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket, Apron Style

The Forester Chainsaw Safety Chaps with Pocket, Apron Style are a dark green style (with plenty of other colors as well) style that almost makes you feel like you’re one with the forest.

There are universal sizes that fit between size 28” and 44”. If the forest green is not your taste there are 8 other colors to choose from.

Personally I have had these in my garage for a bit and these pants saved my legs.

Finishing up some yard work and it was a hot July summer.

 I went to grab something to drink and not turning off my saw fast enough I tripped over some wood.

Somehow I managed to dodge the blade but unfortunately my thigh was not able to.

These pants were able to withstand the cut and they actually stopped the saw from hurting me.

I was bruised a bit because I fell but the saw left me unscathed.

After the whole ordeal I bought another pair and have not had an accident since, but I know if it were to happen again these pants are my go to.

Pants have a Denier of 1000. The materials used to make it is 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon.


  • Multiples sizes and colors
  • Materially literally and actually protects you
  • Comfortable and durable


  • Not recommended for electric chainsaws (they run differently than gas powered-chainsaws)
  • If the clasps are not secured well it can wiggle

Husqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps, Gray/Blue

The Husqvarna 531309565 Chain Saw Apron Chaps, Gray/Blue, are a study pair of chainsaw chaps that are great for protection.

Since this is an apron and not a full on wrap-around chaps, only the front half of your legs will be protected.

That is nothing to fear since it is extremely hard to hurt yourself with a chainsaw in the back of your legs (unless you juggle chainsaws for fun).

They are made with a 600 Denier outer shell which is just another layer of added protection.

These chaps meet these safety standards:

  • ASTM F1897
  • ANSI Z133.1
  • OSHA 1910-266


  • These are thick chaps so they work well with electric chainsaws.
  • Meet many standards that other chaps do not.
  • Meet many standards that other chaps do not.


  • There is no protection of the back of your legs so make sure you still be careful while operating a chainsaw.
  • There is a weird twist around your legs that you have to get used to when adjusting to fit.
  • Since this color is very dark it may not be great for late night or early morning usage as it is hard to see.

Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps, Safety Green, Large

Last chaps we want to mention are for those who work on their yard and use a weed wacker.

We have the Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps, Safety Green, Large which comes in a stylish highlighter green.

It is important to remember these chaps are not made for chainsaws specifically, they are meant for limited protection from debris coming off a weed wacker.

These chaps are machine washable and everyone will know where you are at night because of how bright the color looks.

They are very lightweight and easy to put on so you shouldn’t feel and mobile restrictions while using these.


  • Bright color means it is ideal for working at night.
  • Designed for use with low-powered trimmers.
  • Plenty of breath room and no restrictions.


  • These chaps are not meant for chainsaws but some protection is better than none.
  • Buckles are not that sturdy.
  • Size runs very small.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether or not you're a professional, it is important to remember to always wear PPE.

It may seem like a hassle at first, but it is guaranteed to save your life.

If you’re still unsure then our recommended pick from this list is the Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap, 36 to 38-Inch.

 Since it is a safety precaution you should not overlook any materials, this chap is great for any person as a professional or beginner in power tools. 

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