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4 Best Cabinet Table Saw In The Market Today

A cabinet table saw usually comes with a higher price tag, so making the right choice for a quality product is even more important.

There are so many different types of saws and accessories, but here we break down each component, making the choice much easier for you.

What Is It?

The name of the cabinet table saw comes from the “cabinet” base that holds up the table saw.

They are sturdy structures that usually weigh hundreds of pounds.

They are most optimal for more advanced woodworkers, or those that need to do a large amount of cutting.

Some things that set the cabinet table saw apart from other table saws include an enclosed motor, enclosed base, different motor and arbor assembly, and higher overall standards.

Having an enclosed motor is a huge advantage for those that use the saw all day long, because the saw runs much quieter allowing the user to work for long periods of time.

Having a fully enclosed base allows for easy dust collection, which allows the user to worry less about clean up and more about the work they are doing. 

Cabinet table saws also have different motor and arbor assemblies that are attached to the cabinet base instead of the base of the table, which allows for much easier alignment with the fence and miter accessories.

Cabinet table saws also are built using more substantial materials such as cast iron and steel.

They also are built to be more accurate; they have flatter tables, and more robust and reliable parts.

This results in effortless cuts even through the thickest material, with little vibrations and wear on the motor. 

Do I Need One?

There are three basic types of saws that you can purchase for your home or shop, which include benchtop table saws, contractor saws and cabinet saws.

Benchtop table saws usually weigh under 65 pounds, making this the most commonly used saw.

 Contractor saws are more heavy duty and usually are larger in size. Cabinet saws are built to last and are the most heavy duty saw.

Cabinet saws are more optimal for those that require larger and more serious woodworking jobs.

These systems are built for optimized durability, stability and performance.

These types of saws are most suitable for professional or more advanced woodworkers that need to cut thick materials all the time.

With this type of saw, more strenuous cuts can be made more effortlessly over long periods of time. 

They can be used all day long without having to worry about vibrations of loud sawing.

A high quality cabinet saw is definitely more of an investment than some of the other saw options, but their superior performance makes them more preferable by professionals and even serious amateurs. 

Things to Look for

The Motor Horsepower is essential for a superior cabinet table saw.

This main part determines the ability to cut different types of material and widths without any problems or sacrifice in quality.

When choosing the best cabinet table saw for you, never ignore the horsepower of the motor.

Precision and Smooth Cutting is probably the most important reason in buying a cabinet table saw.

 When choosing the best one to fit your needs, ensuring that the miter gauge and rip fence system is heavy duty and accurate in order to make rip cuts and crosscuts with ease.

These are important parts of the cabinet table saw that highly affect the quality of the cut.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a cabinet table saw are the safety features the system provides.

The cabinet table saw is the most beefy, heavy duty power tool that can cause serious injuries if there were an accident that occurs. 

Even though it may seem trivial, these things are important to consider, since you will most likely be using the tool to its maximum. Some added safety features to look for include flesh detection technology and anti-kickback technology.

Flesh detection technology can automatically stop the machine, if anything is caught by the blade.

This can greatly reduce the chances of you getting seriously injured.

The anti-kickback feature is also extremely important because it prevents the material to be launched at you in case of an accident.

Magnetic switches and kick switches can be useful aspects to consider when investing in such an important tool.

It may seem unnecessary but, it can prevent any unintentional starts to the saw.

The magnetic switch automatically turns off the saw if the power goes out.

These are all great criteria that can also be seen as safety features.You Can Check Table Saw Safety Rules You Should Know

 A kick switch can turn off the blade quickly with your knee or foot, in any case that you would not be able to use your hands.

Much like a car has two breaks, it is important that your table saw has two as well. 

Our Best Picks for Cabinet Table Saws

SawStop 10-In Pro Saw

This SawStop cabinet saw is professional quality, but is easy enough to be used by anyone.

This cabinet table saw comes with a 10-inch saw blade and 52-inch T-Glide fence and rail for multi-use cuts.

The high quality fence system that comes with the table ensures that you do not need to spend more money buying a different system.

Usually accessories that come with the tool are subpar, but this fence assembly made of heavy-grade steel ensures reliable square cutting without any movement.

Some things to note is the heavy weight of the item, as with most cabinet saws, and also requires 220 voltage for its 3-horse power.

Even though a dabbler can use this saw, the size, weight and power required for this tool makes it more optimized for professional or advanced use.

This machine makes your cutting that much easier with its maximum dust collection on the blade guard as well as below the table.

This machine truly lets you make cuts with an unmatched quality.

The cast iron parts are built for strength and stability. 

This cabinet table saw is truly a worthwhile investment that can leave you with top of the line cuts for years without replacement.

Along with being incredibly accurate as well as efficient, and durable, this cabinet table saw also includes a patented safety system if the saw makes any contact with the saw’s blade.

If the blade makes contact with skin, it will stop in less than 5 millisecond and aso drop below the table to minimize the loss of a body part to hopefully just a small scratch.


  • 99% dust collection for minimum cleanup
  • Patented safety system prevents serious injuries
  • Re-adjustments are not needed


  • Laminated wood table structure
  • Tape measure not adjustable
  • Long assembly

Powermatic Cabinet Table Saw

The Powermatic Cabinet Table saw is a high standard saw that even home users can operate.

It can be operated at a power of 115 Volts, which is lower than most cabinet saws. 

The table comes with a standard 10-inch saw blade for high quality rip cuts and cross cuts.

The tabe sacrifices a modern look for heavy duty parts that maximize durability.

 The work surface is a precision ground cast iron for smoother operation. 

Another great advantage of this saw is the poly-v belt drive system that absorbs the vibrations to maximize efficiency as well as extend the saw’s life.

This cabinet table saw is a great tool for multi-function used because it comes with a miter gauge and accu-fency system.

The high quality gauge that accompanies this saw rotates 60 degrees each way for maximum customization for a large range of different angled cuts.

The precise accu-fence system is a sturdy rigid structure that is able to stabilize even the thickest materials.

This saw is a great choice for those advanced woodworkers that want a reliable and professional quality cabinet table saw for their home use.

It requires a lower power source than most, but still keeps a high motor horsepower for strong cuts.

Although it only claims to run at a 1.75 horsepower, this saw truly runs like a 3.0 horsepower saw.


  • Runs like a high horsepower saw
  • Requires less power source than most
  • Cast iron parts made to last


  • Tape measure is not adjustable
  • Color is a bit off
  • Long assembly required

Grizzly Industrial Cabinet Table Saw

The Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw is an industrial grade table saw that has a 3-horsepower motor that can cut through any material with you breaking a sweat.

It does require a 240 volt power source, which makes this a tool more optimized for industrial and not home use.

This saw also has a large table size, making it great for larger-volume materials and long term usage.

The two extension wings are of the highest quality and stay upright to give you a large flat surface to work on.

The table is made of solid cast iron, which is heat treated and milled for an extremely sturdy and smooth working surface that has zero friction.

The table also comes with T-slots for adding a miter gauge for the most accurate cuts you’ll dream about.

Some additional features include an arbor depth that fit regular and dado blade inserts, maximizing the versatility of your saw.

It also has a Poly-V serpentine belt that not only sounds cool, but works to minimize the vibrations of the saw to allow for long term use.

This stable structure also has a 4 inch dust port that catches dust on the top and bottom side of the blade allowing for quick and efficient clean up.

This tool is crafted to last with its top of the line parts.

Unlike other saws, this cabinet saw also comes with a new quick-release blade guard which allows for you to switch between blades for different types of wood work.

If you are looking for an investment that will last you ages and give you a wide range of pristine cuts, the Grizzly saw gives you just that.


  • Extra powerful motor for effortless cuts
  • Solidly constructed parts made to last
  • Great value for precise cuts


  • Does not come with table fence
  • Requires a high voltage to run
  • Needs to have dust collector attached

JET Deluxe Cabinet Table Saw

The JET Deluxe Cabinet Table Saw is a 3-horsepower table saw that also comes with a 50-inch rip fence for no extra purchases required.

The rip fence that comes with the system is a commercial product that has impeccable accuracy that has simple adjuster screws for extremely easy and customizable cuts.

There is no need to test the accuracy of the cuts, since this high quality rip fence is perfectly aligned.

This is a versatile saw that produces a wide range of different cuts that can assist with any time of work.

Along with the rip fence, this able saw also comes with a full-featured miter gauge that fits in perfectly with the T-slots to provide stable and accurate cuts without any movement.

It has a large range of 60 degrees both ways, and locks easily at any degree.

It is a large investment; however, unlike many saws on the market, this one comes fully equipped with all the accessories you need to make the best cut possible.

Not only are the cuts of professional quality, the saw has many added safety features that allows even amateurs to use this tool.

The saw is equipped with a quick release riving knife that reduces kickback to avoid serious injuries.

The table is also slightly tilted to the left away from the fence to reduce catching or kickback of the cutting material.

The added features and accessories that come with this cabinet table saw make this a great all in one choice for your cutting needs.


  • Features make the saw super convenient
  • Comes with miter gauge and fence
  • Accurate to fractions of a degree


  • Shorter table saw
  • Requires a higher voltage to run
  • Table top is not level


Our top pick for Best Cabinet Table Saw is the SawStop 10-inch Professional System that comes with heavy cast iron parts that are sure to last.

It also comes with accessories for the most precise cuts, so there is no need to have to make another purchase.

Another notable feature of this saw is the patented safety system which has prevented many from serious injuries.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your woodwork at home, or use a cabinet table saw for industrial use, we can help you make the best choice for a lifelong investment.

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