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4 Best 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw In The Market Today

The options for a chainsaw are close to limitless, but here we hack down all the confusion for you to choose the best one for you.

To save you time, we have tested out the options and give you our thoughts on some of the best 18 inch chainsaws on the market.

Things to Know Before Buying

In order to find the right fit for you, it is important to know what each component does and what chainsaws can be used to do.

The type of chainsaw depends on the application and use that specifically fits what the user needs.

Some chainsaws are more lightweight used for smaller applications, and others are heavier, but are made to do more heavy-duty work.

It is important to find the right fit for you, since not everyone will need a chainsaw made for hacking down trees.

Parts of a Chainsaw

  • Front handle: Located in the front or top used for holding the chainsaw
  • Engine: either gas or electric motor
  • Throttle lock: mechanism that prevents throttle acceleration
  • Pull start: Mechanism used to start the gas engine
  • Throttle: this controls the power of the engine
  • Bumper spikes: these spikes rest against the wood as you cut
  • Chain: the chain wraps around the guide bar and is lined with teeth
  • Chain Brake: stops the chain if any kick-back occurs
  • Nose: front part of the guide bar
  • Guide bar: the bar that extends from the front that guides the chain


  • Splitting wood: The most common application of the chainsaw is cutting wood for firewood. The chainsaw replaces the arduous task of swinging an axe repeatedly. With a chainsaw, you can complete this task without breaking a sweat.
  • Splitting wood- A common use of chainsaw is cutting wood for firewood efficiently. This one tool can replace the extensive labor needed to chop down wood with an axe or blade. This can save a great deal of time and energy even with a smaller size chainsaw.
  • Pruning Limbs: The chainsaw is strong enough to cut through limbs of a tree (and probably yours as well). Having this tool truly makes your work ten times easier and is more safe than hacking at a tree with a blade.
  • Cutting Trees: Even though this is mostly a professional task, those that have experience are able to do so with a larger chainsaw

Starting Small

It is important to start with a small chainsaw, especially if you are a beginner. You can always practice doing smaller work with a smaller tool and gradually transition to a bigger saw. The 18-inch chainsaw is one of the biggest sizes of chainsaw available to use. In order to ensure your safety, always start with a smaller saw, and only use a bigger saw if the work you are doing requires it.

Gas or Electric?

These are the two main types of chainsaws. Here we break down each option to help you find the one that is better for you.

  • Gas: This is the most traditional type of chainsaw and usually the ones people think of first. Gas-powered saws are loud and work efficiently at cutting material.
  • With gas-powered chainsaws, they usually require more maintenance, which is the biggest drawback for some.
  • The type of maintenance the saw requires includes replacing the spark plugs that light the motor, cleaning the air filter, and finding the right mix of gas for your tool.
  • Some cannot be bothered to spend so much time and energy in maintaining, so many people have transitioned over to the other type of chainsaw: the electric. 
  • Corded Electric : Corded electric chainsaws have the ability to cut with the same energy as a gas powered chainsaw.
  • This type of saw requires less maintenance since it uses electricity as its power source.
  • One downside to this option is that it needs to be plugged in.
  • This can limit the range and work that the chainsaw can do. If you are not used to it, it can be difficult to maneuver the tool.
  • Battery : The last option is a battery-powered chainsaw.
  • It also requires less maintenance than a gas powered chainsaw.
  • This option is wireless which is the most efficient and easy to handle option.
  • It is hassle-free, but is usually the priciest option on the market.

Does Size Matter?

The length of the bar is an important feature on a chainsaw.

This determines what your chainsaw can or cannot do.

Chainsaws can range from 6 inches for small indoor use to 24 inches for cutting down bigger trees.

18-inch chainsaws usually have a bit of kickback, but with the right safety features and experience, this size of tool can assist you in a number of different ways.

Along with some of the other smaller tasks such as splitting firewood or removing branches, this size of chainsaw can assist you in cutting down medium size trees. 

With an 18-inch saw you are able to hack through a tree with a diameter ranging from 14-in. To 16-in. with ease.

A larger chainsaw has greater vibration and weight that can be more difficult to manage. 

Making sure that you have the right size chainsaw for the job and skill level is extremely important to your safety and success.

Our Top Contenders

These days there are so many options available for you to choose from.

This quick guide can help you find the right saw that fits your specific needs.

When looking for an 18-inch chainsaw it is important to note what kind of work you want to do and how often you will be doing it.


Worx 18-inch Electric Chainsaw

The Worx 18-inch Chainsaw features the power of a gas-powered chainsaw, without the drawbacks of gasoline.

This option is cleaner for the environment and your own hands.

This large chainsaw only weighs 11.2 pounds, making this one of the most lightweight options for a saw this size.

You are able to cut through bigger trees with ease with this high torque motor. It is easy to manuever at awkward cutting angles, amking this an extremely user-friendly 18-inch chainsaw.

The Worx chainsaw has a unique auto-tension system that provides the perfect tension for the specific material you are using.

This increases the life of the bar, and requires no work from you.

This saw is also made for maximum comfortability in handling.

The handle has a great full-wrap function letting you grip from any angle, making it easier to gain leverage for different angled cuts.

The grip is also rubberized, ensuring the best balance of comfort and control while working.

The ergonomic design of the saw handle makes using a chainsaw the most comfortable it can get.

If you will be doing a high-volume of work that requires a lot of power, this is the one for you.


  • Extremely lightweight for its size
  • Has a higher oil tank capacity (200ml)
  • Auto lubrication and chain tension system for easy use


  • Spare parts are hard to find
  • Chain tension is hard to customize
  • Has some plastic gears

Black+Decker Electric Chainsaw

The Black+Decker 18-inch Chainsaw is a corded electric tool that has a powerful 15 Amp motor that is able to cut through material effortlessly.

It packs a kick only weighing a mere 12 pounds for easy handling.

You are able to use this tool for a wide range of applications without feeling like your arms are going to fall off.

This chainsaw also features a low-kickback bar and chain for safe cuts, even while cutting through dense materials.

This also improves the cutting performance of the chainsaw including speed and minimized vibrations.

Another great feature of this chainsaw is the clear window that lets you see the oil level.

The saw even has an automatic oiling system that distributes to the car and chain ensuring constant lubrication for smoother use.

The lightweight design makes this chainsaw easy to handle, but since it is a corded saw, this may not be optimal for everyone.

A notable safety feature that this saw has is the chain brake system that provides optimal safety for the user.

If you are looking for a quality lightweight chainsaw that gets the job done, this is the one for you.


  • Ultra light weight for easy handling
  • Automatic oiling system for smooth use
  • Minimal kickback for easy use


  • Runs through bar oil
  • Only works within range of outlet
  • Need to check the tension from time to time

Oregon Corded Electric Chainsaw

The Oregon 18-inch chainsaw is also corded electric making this the more suitable for those working in range of a power source.

A unique feature that sets this saw apart from others is the self-sharpening mechanism that works right on the saw.

Believe it or not, the innovative PowerSharp Chain System lets you sharpen the chain on the saw in less than 3 seconds!

This can seriously minimize the chain maintenance as well as extend the life of the chain. This saw also has a Lubri-Tech oiling system that oils itself.

This reduces the friction of the chain, which increases the life and run of the chainsaw.

All these new features on this chainsaw make this the most hassle-free option that basically runs itself. 

The saw even comes pre-assembled so you can take it right out the box and use it. The saw itself runs extremely quietly so you can even cut your trees in the middle of the night without waking up your neighbors.

The chainsaw also comes with a chain brake for added safety.

This is truly a user-friendly option that will get any task you need done.


  • Low maintenance for hassle-free use
  • Effortless cuts without much force
  • Chain tension knob for added convenience


  • Some plastic fittings
  • To add oil, need to disassemble
  • Carded electric saw has certain limitations

Greenworks Electric Chainsaw

This Greenworks 18-inch chainsaw is corded electric-powered, which means it has the torque of a strong gas powered chainsaw.

 It features a 14.5 amp electric motor that starts quickly to deliver the power you need.

 It is a lightweight option but it is well built and made to last through all the intense cutting this saw can deliver.

The tension chain does not require any tool, making adjustments quick and easy.

This allows for easy customization especially if you are switching between cutting different things.

Another great feature that separates this chainsaw from other ones like it is the wrap around handle.

The cord lock keeps the cord away from the saw also increasing protection from kickback or any accidents.

It allows for a multitude of different cutting positions that a wireless tool can provide.

Even with this corded option, you are able to cut at different angles with ease.

This chainsaw also features an automatic oiler for minimum maintenance. 

This helps the chain run smoothly allowing for the smoothest cuts.

If you are looking for a corded option that has power and safety, look no further.


  • Cord lock for added safety
  • Tool-less chain tensioning for easy adjustment
  • Well-balanced for optimal cutting


  • Chain dulls quickly depending on use
  • Uses a lot of oil
  • Chain can come off easily

Final Thoughts

After testing the top chainsaws on the market, our top pick is the Oregon Corded Electric Chainsaw.

This system basically runs itself with its pre-assembled product, self oiling mechanism and self-sharpening chain.

Even though this is a corded option, it truly runs like a wireless option with the torque of a gas chainsaw.

This chainsaw is a great addition to any arsenal and is extremely user-friendly.

The chainsaw market is filled with a wide variety of different products, but hopefully we were able to clear up some confusion and help you narrow down your options.

Chainsaws are a great tool that have a wide variety of applications, and you are sure to find one that suits you. 

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